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Custom Easy Fold Mailers

SKU : RC002COW Item Code : #4202

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Custom Easy Fold Mailers

SKU : RC002COW Item Code : #4202
Ready in 15-20 Business Days

Transform your customer’s package opening experience with an exciting, colourful, custom easy fold mailer from The Packaging Company. Use our tool to select from multiple sizes and colour options to find the best custom mailer to ship your items in. Create your custom easy fold mailers online today.

Also known as a Book Wrap box or Cut Out Wrap.
Easy Fold Mailers are pre-cut and pre-creased corrugated sheets that can be assembled in one easy step. They are designed to provide a flat, solid base with flaps extending from each side. Two of the four flaps are longer in order to ensure full coverage of your inner contents.

1Enter Quantity

Max: 2500

2Dimensions(inside measurements, in INCHES)


Min: 5 Max: 30 Min: 5 Max: 30 Min: 5 Max: 15

Right Mailers™ Fit Guide:
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  • Fits Smart
  • Fits Cluster

3Weight (weight of item will go in to the box in LBS, whole numbers only)

Max: 30

4Outside Color:Kraft (Brown)

5Inside Color:Kraft (Brown)

Price per Box: $0.00
Total Price: $0.00

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  • SKU : RC002COW

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Custom Book Wrap Boxes

Creating a custom book wrap box has never been easier than with the help of our online tool. You can easily change the colour of both the inside and outside of your book wrap boxes, making your customer’s opening experience more exciting.

With our sizing tool, you can select mailers designed with your items in mind, limiting packaging wastage. We aim to ship your custom easy-fold mailer (book wrap boxes) order within 10-15 business days, ensuring you can elevate your packaging solutions and start impressing your customers as soon as possible.

Shop our custom packaging solutions, like custom labels and custom boxes to pair with your easy fold mailer, and revitalize your packaging strategy today!