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EarthKraft Mailers

Curbside Recyclable Paper Padded Mailers

EarthKraft™ curbside recyclable mailers are an innovative solution for retailers seeking to meet the surging demand for recyclable packaging. These curbside recyclable paper padded mailers are specifically manufactured to provide robust protection and sustainability, aligning seamlessly with the evolving expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

Experience the power of EarthKraft as a lightweight, paper-based alternative to traditional plastic mailers or bubble-padded envelopes. Offering superior strength and performance, these widely recyclable mailers cater to the discerning needs of the e-commerce industry, all while remaining cost-competitive.

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High-Quality EarthKraft™ Curbside Mailers

High-quality EarthKraft™ curbside mailers are a packaging option with high-grade padding that protects your package from damage when in transit. Made of upcycled paper, this solution is naturally biodegradable.

The Packaging Company offers a wide range of EarthKraft mailers with various inside dimensions. With our selection, you'll always find packaging that fits small or large items inside it. It doesn't matter if your e-commerce store distributes larger electronics, smaller recycled toothbrushes or sets of biodegradable utensils, we acknowledge your requirements. We're pleased to offer EarthKraft mailers measuring 14 x 18 inches and alternative options that measure  7 x 9 inches. This is just the beginning of our product offering; we have many more sizes waiting to be discovered.

The EarthKraft mailers are easy to use and can be the perfect substitute for poly mailers. Their simple seals just require you to peel back the tear strip, expose the adhesive, sticky side, and fold the seal down.

Eco-Friendly Mailer Packaging Solutions

If you want to avoid using plastic poly bubble mailers, our eco-friendly mailer packaging solutions are a sustainable packaging option you need in your inventory. It delivers the perfect brand message to your customers.

With zero polyethylene, zero polypropylene, and not a trace of unsustainable products, these recyclable padded mailer products tell your consumers that eco-friendly choices are your priority; you can match your company ethos, mission, and values with a simple, effortless packaging choice with EarthKraft mailers.

Purchase EarthKraft Recyclable Mailers from The Packaging Company

The eco-friendly appeal of EarthKraft mailers makes them a must-have packaging solution to match your brand and eco-conscious customers' demands. Your clients will appreciate your eco-friendly packaging choices, and your company will appreciate the affordability of this packaging solution. Purchase EarthKraft recyclable mailers from The Packaging Company that protect your products and align with your eco-friendly brand.