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Whether you’re a big-name business or have only a few people on your payroll, it’s important to be prepared for minor injuries. One of the smart things an employer can do is invest in at least a couple of first aid kits to keep on hand. By placing them in strategic spots around the office (such as in high-traffic areas) and making sure they stay properly stocked, it’ll be easier to act when injuries happen.

Remember, in the case of more serious injuries, first aid is meant to help stabilize someone until they can get the proper medical treatment they’ll need.

What Should the Kit Contain?

Kits come in several different sizes, but all of them will contain the essentials. Adhesive bandages that are ideal for minor cuts. Compression bandages for when someone has a sprain or needs movement to be restricted. Rolls of gauze and sterile pads come in handy for cuts and abrasions that cannot be handled by an adhesive bandage. Safety pins and similar devices are there to help hold bandages in place. Some kits include liquids designed to help kill bacteria and keep the area clean until the injured party can receive professional medical care.

How Large Should the Kit Be?

Smaller kits are generally outfitted with enough supplies to cover an office with up to five employees. A medium kit is large enough to take care of up to 15 employees at any given time. And large kits generally contain enough bandages and other essentials to handle roughly 50 employees.

Don’t Forget to Refill

Once the kits are situated in your office, it’s important to keep an eye on their contents and order refills from time to time. Larger first aid refill kits contain enough supplies to get two or more first aid containers fully re-stocked. While the hope is that the kits will see little to no action, all it takes is one serious injury to justify the time and effort it takes to keep your first aid supplies fresh and plentiful.

First aid is an important responsibility, and one that belongs to everybody. It’s one The Packaging Company takes very seriously, and we’re always here with the first aid necessities you need.