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Shop our takeout bags for your food delivery services. We offer a variety of options to choose from based on your food packaging needs. Some of our takeout bags come with a tamper-evident tape that can help ensure quality during the delivery process. We also offer beverage bags, in the form of a zipper cup, that are a great alternative to standard drink cups. Our beverage bag line will help you save space in your food delivery bag.

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Takeout bags are the second most important element of a food business. It would be near impossible to consume our favorite food without the container it comes in. Due to restrictions in the wake of Covid-19, demand for food delivery services are increasing rapidly. Indoor-only dining is a thing in the past as we choose to consume takeout in the safety of our own home, while still supporting our favorite local restaurant. The rapid increase in food delivery creates a huge demand for food packaging such as food delivery bags or what most people call takeout bags, as well as takeout cups and beverage bags. Applications such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Grubhub also play a huge role in increasing the demand for food delivery. When we dine indoors, we do it for the experience and the service we get at the restaurant. Maybe it’s the waitress who suggests the best wine pairing, or maybe it’s just the food or the ambiance of the room. It can even be the combination of live music and the company that we have. Without the ability to experience these things in person, restaurants are figuring out ways to maintain their level of service in different ways.