10 Packing Hacks for Planning Your Next Move


Moving can be a tough thing. Lots to do, lots to plan, lots to pack. You can make the whole experience a bit less stressful if you take advantage of a few hacks along the way. You’ll cut corners and save time, without risking sub-par protection for all your possessions. Here’s some near-genius packing hacks for planning your next move.

1. Bag ‘Em Up

When you take apart furniture, put all the loose hardware into little bags and label them. It’ll make assembly much quicker once you’re in your new place. Do the same for all the cords and cables plugged into your TV.

2. Snap Some Pics

Before you unplug your electronics, take a few shots on your phone of everything already set up. This will save you a ton of time later when you’re setting things back up again.

3. Tape ‘Em Up

Wrap cords around their appliances and tape them in place. This way you won’t lose removable cords, and you’ll help save permanently attached ones from being damaged.

4. Go Disposable

Layer disposable plates between your good plates. You’ll save on packing materials like paper and bubble, and you’ll avoid using newspaper, which can rub ink all over everything.

5. Be A Softy

Use soft items for padding things in boxes. You’ll save again on packing materials, and you’ll have less boxes to move in the end. Towels, blankets and socks are great for providing protection.

6. Use Plastic Bins

Pack your seasonal stuff (like Christmas and Easter decorations) into plastic bins. On moving day, they can go directly into storage in the basement, and there’s no need to unpack until the holidays roll around again.

7. Colour Code Everything

Choose a coloured (or even a patterned) tape for every part of the house. Use it to label or seal up the moving boxes going to that room. Don’t forget to put some tape on each room’s door so the movers know where everything’s going.

8. Make Some Handles

Cutting handles into the sides of moving boxes can help make them easier to carry. Just make sure you cut the handles before you pack up the boxes. We’ve heard stories!

9. Use Your Suitcases

Luggage, especially the rolling kind, is perfect for moving heavy things like groups of books. Best of all, it’s just one less thing you’ll need moving boxes for.

10. Pack A First-Night Box

We think this is one of the smartest packing hacks you can use. You know you’re gonna be tired after a long day of moving—who wants to spend the night unpacking? Make a box (or even a bag) filled with all the basics you know you’ll want right away. Toss in items like shampoo and soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper and more.

Who doesn’t love a good lifehack, huh? With these packing hacks from The Packaging Company, we know your moving experience is going to be better—and easier—than you expect!