11 Easy Cardboard Halloween Costumes That Will Blow Your Mind

Halloween is approaching, and it can be frustrating when the best costumes sell out fast in department stores. That’s why it’s a good idea to make cardboard Halloween costumes at home, not to mention the money it will save you!

But it can be a struggle to come up with a novel and fun DIY costume idea. Perhaps you’re not at your creative best, but Halloween is almost upon us.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled a list of fantastic box-inspired costume concepts. You can have heaps of fun making costumes for Halloween out of cardboard boxes and other craft supplies you have in your home.

Prepare to wow your friends with any of these easy-to-make costume ideas.

DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes

Hot Air Balloon Costume

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1. Hot Air Balloon

Fly up, up, and away with this fun and original cardboard box costume. Attach one big balloon or a variety of small colorful balloons to a square cardboard box.

Popcorn Costume

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2. Popcorn

It’s amazing how easily you can turn a simple box into an adorable Halloween costume. The main things you will need are a box, white paper, and red duct tape.

Awesome-O Costume

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3. Awesome-O

This costume will be a massive hit with any South Park fans. To create the robot Awesome-O, modify two cardboard boxes and find dryer vents or any other silver material to cover the arms and legs.

Claw Machine Costume

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4. Claw Machine

Cut out a window in a box and design your very own arcade game. Then, add old toys as prizes and create the claw using tin foil.

California Raisins Costume

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5. California Raisins

This one is magical. Cut out a hole in your cardboard box, paint it red outside and yellow inside, and dress up as that memorable woman on the front.

Doll in a Box Costume

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6. Doll in a Box

You’ll need a long rectangle box and a generous amount of pink paint. Throw on a pretty dress, and this limited edition doll will be a sensation!

Emoji Costume

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7. An Emoji

Find yourself a circular cardboard box, and anyone can do this simple artwork. Choose your favorite emoji. No matter which one you pick, everyone will love it.

Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

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8. Thomas the Tank Engine

If you’re looking for Halloween costumes for kids, look no further. Although it’s a little more elaborate, your child will look absolutely adorable if you put in the extra effort.

Piece of Lego Costume

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8. A Piece of Lego

A rectangular cardboard box can be painted in any color you desire. On the front, glue some smaller round boxes, and Voila!

Rubik's Cube Costume

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10. Rubik’s Cube

This is a fantastic last-minute idea. It’s a classic. A large cardboard box, some acrylic paints, and black electrical tape is all you need.

Spongebob Squarepants Costume

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11. Spongebob Squarepants

This one is simple to make thanks to the shape of Spongebob’s body, but don’t be surprised if everyone wants to take a photo with you.

Cardboard is King At Halloween

Creating cardboard Halloween costumes is a fun activity in itself, and you will surely stand out among the crowd.

If you’re short on cardboard boxes to turn these ideas into reality, we have the solution. You can buy our high-quality packaging and shipping materials in a range of different sizes that are sure to fit your project!