The popularity of Funko Pops shows absolutely no signs of stopping, and we’ve got to say, it’s with good reason. They’re collectible, they’re full of personality, and they’re cute as hell. Collectors swarm retail stores, conventions, and online sites, hoping to find the best of the best (and the rarest of the rare!). And when they’re ready to enter the resellers market, it’s important that they ship Funko Pops in the best ways possible.

That’s why we’re here. If you’re looking to get these little guys from point A to point B with minimum fuss and maximum impact, we’ve got the packaging supplies to protect and showcase them right. Here’s 3 great ways to ship Funko Pops to fans, collectors, and even the competition.

What You’ll Need

Remember: standard Funko Pop! boxes are about 3.5 x 4.5 x 6.25” in size.

How to Ship Funko Pops: 1 at a time

Suggested Box: 8 x 8 x 8”

The thing about choosing the right boxes for shipping Funko Pops is that it’s all about space. You need enough room for the Funko Pop! box, the bubble padding, and whatever little trinkets and gifts you’re going to put in there. But you also need to make sure it’s not so big that you waste bubble wrap rolls or let the Funko Pop! bounce around.

If you’re looking to up your presentation game, think about using an appropriately-sized corrugated mailer box. The fact that it’s got a locking tab and opens like a gift box turns the unpacking experience into an unboxing experience.

Now that you’ve got your materials, simply wrap the Funko Pop! in bubble and secure it with a bit of tape. If you want a little extra edge protection, wrap it in a sheet of white tissue first, and then wrap it in bubble cushion—both are valid options. It’s at this point that some sellers really drive home the whole unboxing experience by wrapping the Funko Pop! in a piece of custom tissue paper that’s secured with a custom printed label. Talk about memorable!

All that’s left is to simply put it in the box and add any additional void fill you need. Depending on your display preferences (and room in the box), you can stand the Funko Pop! upright or lay it on its back. Don’t forget the candies, stickers or thank-you card. Your buyer won’t forget it, trust us.

How to Ship Funko Pops: 2 at a time

Suggested Box: 12 x 9 x 6”

Your packaging tactics won’t change too much here. You’ll want to find the right shipping box to fit your Funko Pops and their bubble wrap packaging, and you’ll find great options in both corrugated stock boxes and corrugated mailer boxes. Whichever you choose is really a matter of personal taste and business intent.

Wrap each Funko Pop! box separately so they’re just as protected as if they were shipping individually. Line the box with a sheet of that gorgeous custom tissue paper of yours (or another layer of bubble cushion if you prefer), place the Funko Pops on their back and wrap the material around them. Be sure to add a thank-you card, seal the box with packing tape, and these guys are ready for their journey.

How to Ship Funko Pops: 3 at a time

Suggested Box: 12 x 9 x 6”

By now, you’re in the know—wrap each Funko Pop! box separately, and use a box that’ll accommodate all three of them and their bubble packaging. You’ll notice we’ve suggested the same box size as above, but you can use any corrugated box or corrugated mailer that accommodates everything without having too much or too little space in the box. If you do use the suggested box size, simply turn the wrapped Funko Pops onto their sides, and separate them with some more bubble wrap fill.

Once everything is nice and secure, seal the shipping box. If you’re engaging in a little but of branding or building an unboxing experience, consider using custom packing tape. Not only is water activated tape a nice bit of extra security and support for your shipment, but your logo or graphics will look phenomenal once out for delivery.

Collectibles are certainly a lucrative business, and knowing how to ship Funko Pops right will keep your customers happy and your competitors on their toes. You’ll find the shipping packaging your products deserve right here at The Packaging Company. And to give your packaging a pop of its own, be sure to explore our custom shop.