3 Inspiring Ideas to Make the Perfect Product Packaging

With the e-commerce era in full swing and many products now being bought online, customers are now receiving more of their purchases through the mail rather than in-store. While many businesses dedicate hours upon hours into crafting innovative and high-quality products, this committed effort can get easily lost when the customer is presented with packaging that is dull or plain. Indeed, no business wants “dull” or “plain” to be their customer’s first impression. No matter the product type, or the message your branding aims to communicate, utilizing packaging design to the best of your ability can give your product the quality face value it deserves. In this guide, The Packaging Company presents three innovative ideas that can transform your drab packaging into something special for you and your customers.

1. Customize the Product Box

Great packaging starts with the right box!

Many of us are accustomed to the plain, brown cardboard boxes that arrive in the mail on a regular basis. Although they are an incredibly useful and reliable way to package items, they actually mean very little to us as consumers.

But with additions such as colours, patterns, or the simple inclusion of your brand logo, your product automatically stands out as something special in your customer’s mail.

Looking to go the extra mile for your e-commerce business? Consider customizing the product box with a personalized message. This warm and welcoming introduction gives customers the attention that will encourage them not just to come back for additional purchases, but also to share how special your brand’s product packaging is online.

If you are a running a smaller business and are looking for that competitive edge against your larger rivals, adding small touches such as customized messages or names to your product packaging can be a secret to success. It is also a perfect opportunity to provide customers with specialized gift options that will expand your brand even further.

Bonus Idea: You can take this even further by sharing your product and its packaging with your influencers and social community – it will undoubtedly attract attention online especially with popular unboxing videos.

Customized Product Box

2. Secure Packaging with Custom Tape and Tissue

Keeping your product secure for transit is essential for happy customers. Though there can be mishaps in transit that are not the seller’s fault, your customer’s buying experience is still negatively affected if their product arrives damaged.

Adding protective measures such as tape and packaging tissue can shield your product from damage while in transit. Packaging tape works to secure the product box when being handled while the tissue works to protect the product from any bumps or knocks during transit.

But did you know that both also represent a great way to improve your packaging visually? Whether adding your business logo or invigorating your brand with patterns and colours, customized packaging tape and tissue provide greater attention to detail that your customer will recognize.

Custom Tape

3. Package Smaller Items in Custom Mailer Envelopes

We know… “nobody should ever judge a book by its cover.”

But the truth is that consumers are biologically hardwired to judge products by their packaging. From the use of colours, patterns, and shapes, we instinctively are attracted to creativity and designs that stand out from the rest.

Although e-commerce presents a global way for businesses of all sizes to expand, the downside to this is that it can be harder for them to showcase products as well as they would on a storefront. This is particularly true for smaller items, where every tiny detail matters.

That is where custom mailers come in. Perfect for smaller and thinner products, customized mailers provide a lightweight yet hardy packaging solution that can deliver eye-popping visuals with the right creative approach. From adding seasonal patterns to experimenting with exotic colour palettes, this packaging is a simple way to show customers you are experts in product quality and care about their entire buying experience. 

Custom Mailers

Craft the Perfect Product Packaging with The Packaging Company

If you are looking to spruce up your packaging that will leave your customers longing for more, consider customizing your packaging with The Packaging Company. Using high quality packaging materials and an extensive range of creative options, you can create customized packaging that will impress your customers and be friendly on your budget. Take your packaging to a whole new level – browse our custom shop today to get started!