3 Key Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose Corrugated Packaging

It is hard to imagine a world without cardboard. For consumers, it is clear to see we live in a world dominated by cardboard, particularly as we shift towards e-commerce for our everyday purchases. Nearly all our household appliances, furniture, electronics and more are delivered in corrugated cardboard boxes. Once opened, these boxes can then be easily recycled without a second thought.

But what benefits does corrugated cardboard packaging offer the manufacturer that makes these goods? In today’s post, The Packaging Company will explore three key advantages of corrugated cardboard for manufacturers.

1. Corrugated Cardboard is Both Light and Strong

One of the main concerns about packaging is not just to do with how products are stored but also how they cope with shipping. Without corrugated cardboard, trying to find a type of packaging that ships lightly and protects a product would be a major undertaking for manufacturers.

For example, while packaging materials like wood, metal or even plastic are good at protecting products, they unnecessarily contribute additional weight and make shipping an expensive process. In today’s digital age, online shoppers are instantly turned off by a high shipping cost and will quickly find cheaper alternatives from competitors.

On the other hand, lightweight packaging materials like paper are much easier to ship. Their downside is that they lack the strength to withstand bumps and knocks on the journey. They are also not suited to supporting large or heavy products and easily succumb to damp or moisture.

Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, meets both these needs. Using the power of geometry, the triangular shapes formed in between the layers of cardboard (corrugation) give it maximum strength by allowing an even distribution of weight and pressure. This reliable technique is also used in engineering and architecture to build gigantic structures such as bridges.

2. Corrugated Cardboard is Environmentally-Friendly

Having environmentally responsible packaging is a must for a manufacturer to be competitive to the consumer. With issues such as pollution and climate change affecting our planet, both consumers and governments expect manufacturers to be reducing their emissions and opt for recyclable materials over non-renewable resources.

Corrugated cardboard is a reliable, sustainable source. Made from natural materials like wood pulp, cardboard is biodegradable and will eventually deteriorate if unable to be recycled. In fact, it takes approximately three months for cardboard to decompose if left in mild conditions outdoors. For comparison, plastic will never decompose without direct intervention.

Cardboard is also consumer friendly. For example, even if a manufacturer uses materials that could be recycled by the consumer, this does not mean the consumer is actually able to recycle the packaging in their local area. Fortunately, corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the most widely recyclable materials compared to alternatives like plastic.

Cardboard also contributes to a more sustainable planet upon leaving the warehouse. Because of its light weight, cardboard does not significantly add to the product’s weight, offering greater energy-efficiency per shipment.

3. Corrugated Cardboard is Incredibly Affordable

As a manufacturer, obtaining a packaging solution that is both strong, lightweight, environmentally friendly and also affordable might seem like a tall order. Yet corrugated cardboard offers the all-purpose solution manufacturers can rely on.

In fact, corrugated cardboard remains an incredibly inexpensive packaging resource for manufacturers. Being made from natural (and often recycled) materials, the creation of corrugated cardboard is a low-cost process compared to metal or plastic packaging products.

Cardboard inexpensive value also helps the consumer. By reducing packing and shipping costs for a sale of your product, the consumer sees fair value in their purchase rather than trying to find an alternative seller. This is especially true in e-commerce, where the consumer expects good value.

Purchase Corrugated Cardboard Packaging & Boxes

For manufacturers, corrugated cardboard is a versatile, inexpensive, and eco-friendly choice when it comes to quality packaging.

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