Moving can be a hectic time. There’s a lot to plan, so much to sort through and an entire house to pack up. You can make the whole process a little easier on yourself by using the right moving boxes for your needs. You’ll save time, save your back and even save space in your moving truck.

Small Moving Boxes

Small boxes are between 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet in size. They’re ideal for packing up smaller possessions like CDs, Blu-rays, books and small picture frames. In the kitchen, they’re the perfect fit for utensils, small appliances, canned goods and cleaning supplies. In the bathroom, they’ll easily pack away hand towels and toiletries like soap, shampoo and razors.

Tip: Once you’ve finished moving, small moving boxes are great for storage purposes. Just don’t weigh them down too much, or stack them too high.

Medium Moving Boxes

Medium boxes are up to 4.0 cubic feet in size, and are the most commonly used moving box. Dishes and cups, pots and pans, boxed food and storage containers from the kitchen fit well inside. Toys, towels and home décor from around the house are just as at home in them, too. When you’re packing up a home office, important files, printer paper, extra ink and even plants travel well in medium boxes.

Tip: Thanks to their extra breathing room, medium moving boxes need a bit more padding inside. To save money on void fill, use extra towels and bed linens instead.

Large Moving Boxes

Large boxes are 5.0 cubic feet and up. They’re best used for bulkier items like blankets and comforters, sheets and pillows, bath towels and small carpets. They can accommodate larger kitchen appliances, home décor, toys and sporting equipment as long as they’re not too heavy and you use void fill for padding and balancing.

Tip: Save your back and legs by ensuring you don’t overpack large moving boxes with too-heavy items.

How Many Do You Need?

Size matters when it comes to moving boxes, but so does quantity. Here’s a rough count of the number of boxes you’ll need to move properly. Just remember that the bigger your house is, and more the people who live in it, the more boxes you’ll need to pack everything up.

1 Bedroom Home: roughly 25 boxes
2 Bedroom Home: roughly 35 boxes
3 Bedroom Home: roughly 50 boxes
4 Bedroom Home: roughly 70 boxes

Tip: Moving boxes have specific sizes so they’re easy to stack and difficult to overpack.

Don’t Forget: Packing Supplies!

What good is a box if it’s not sealed properly? Make sure you’ve got lots of packing tape on hand, and consider a tape dispenser to speed up your packing efforts. Grab markers for labelling contents and room destinations on the outside of your boxes. You can also save your back—and make moving day go faster—by using hand trucks to move everything around.

Once you’re ready to get started, The Packaging Company has what you’ll need to pack up right!