Are your electronics tangled up in an endless mess of cords? Are they piled high in a corner, neglected and ignored until they’re finally needed again? Is your office just a little too dry and you risk static shock every time you reach for that power button?

The Packaging Company can definitely help with that. Here’s 3 proven options for organizing electronics at home or in the workplace.

Bundle Up with Colored Packing Tape & Ties

For the cords that have got to stay plugged in, nothing beats some colored tape to hold them down and keep them out of the way. If they’re right where you’ve got to walk, that same tape will keep you from tripping. It’s always a good idea to let yourself know there’s something important underfoot.

When bundling up multiple cords, zip ties are a great go-to, and they’re available in a bunch of sizes and colors! If cord lengths are the problem, here’s a great solution. Cut extra shipping tubes into smaller lengths (commonly called cores), and wind cords around their side walls. If you wrap it all up right, you’ll avoid the dreaded tangled cord anaconda!

Stack Up with Carts & Dollies

Leaving your TV, Blu-ray player and projector in the corner of your boardroom might seem like the best option at the time, but there’s definitely a better way. Terminal carts can keep electronics, their cords and accessories organized and ready to be moved around at a moment’s notice.

If your electronics skew larger, a panel cart can accommodate heavier equipment (up to 1,000 pounds). They’re useful for moving multiple desktop computers, laptops, wireless printers and fax machines around the office in one trip. If you need to create even more space in your office, a panel cart can also move adjustable panels, cubicle walls, large pictures and more.

Wrap Up with Anti-Static Bubble & Foam Packaging

If the office air is a little dry, static shock’s a real risk. It’s merely annoying to you when you touch handles or buttons, but it can cause real damage to the electronics you keep around. If storage is an important issue, anti-static bubble wrap packaging or foam material can keep your projectors and unused laptops safe from harm. Both materials even come in pre-made pouches for easy and attractive storage. And if you’re saving space by stacking wrapped components away, paperboard sheets are a great way to add extra stability.

Bonus Tip: Suit Up with Booties

It might seem like a stretch, but booties are used in anti-static labs when dealing with sensitive electronics. They might just curb the problem in your home or office, since they prevent static build-up, have traction underneath, and are a real conversation starter. Don’t forget that a humidifier is a great choice too.

We’ve got what you’ll need for organizing electronics or anything else. At The Packaging Company, we know electronics, and boy do we know packaging.