3 Packaging Benefits of Polyethylene Packing Foam

When it comes to protecting your products from harm during shipping, it might seem obvious what you need. The core essentials include a box or mailer, as well as some internal padding or filler to cushion the item and keep it from shuffling inside. But have you ever considered the different benefits of polyethylene packing foam?

In this post, The Packaging Company will be looking at a special type of packing foam called polyethylene packing foam. We will also be exploring three key benefits it offers and why businesses should consider this valuable yet affordable packing foam.

What is Polyethylene Packing Foam?

If you have ever ordered products from the internet or a catalog, it is very likely you have already seen polyethylene packing foam in action when opening up the product’s box. This special type of thermoplastic foam is soft to the touch yet fairly firm when pressure is applied. The foam is often used to package small and sensitive items like electronics or small appliances. It also comes easily available in rolls and is excellent value for its affordable price.

Benefits of using Polyethylene Packing Foam

Advantages of Polyethylene Packing Foam

1. It is Lightweight

Having lightweight packaging is an absolute necessity for the sake of the consumer and the environment. With e-commerce continuing to thrive in 2021 as more people turn to shipping to receive their products, heavy packaging can cause a costly strain on delivery services. It also increases emissions required to transport and will contribute to global warming.

By opting for lightweight weight packaging, you can significantly lighten the product weight and make shipping easier on the environment and your budget. Polyethylene’s bubbly texture gives it maximum efficiency in cushioning and protecting your products without adding unnecessary weight.

2. It is Durable

The key purpose of any packaging material is to protect the product inside of it. It is not uncommon for products to be mishandled, dropped, or even left outside in poor weather conditions during shipping. For this reason, having a packing foam that can shield your product is vital for a satisfied customer and excellent brand reputation.

When placed inside a packaging box, your product is securely placed with polyethylene packing foam’s closed cell construction. This means it will sit cushioned against any knocks and blows and will not receive any abrasions from the foam.

3. It is Easily Customizable

Last but not least, polyethylene packing foam also comes with creative and financial advantages too. Being easily customizable and available in rolls, this packing foam can be easily crafted to suit the shape of your products and other packaging materials.

Similarly, if your product needs to undergo a rapid change or if you are wanting to introduce a different product to your range, polyethylene packing foam is the ideal solution. Rather than relying on solid plastic frames to support your products into their boxes, new foam can instantly be recut for any new product changes.

Purchase Polyethylene Packing Foam

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