3 Reasons To Use Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Small Business

Coffee is a major staple in the lives of many people all over the world; it’s what helps us start the day with enough energy and a good attitude. In Canada, 2 out of every 3 adults enjoy at least one cup of coffee a day, with an average of over 3 cups a day from coffee drinkers. For adults under 80 years old, coffee is consumed more than any other beverage, including water!

With the sheer popularity of coffee, it is understandable why there’s a coffee shop available on every block, with entire streets in major cities completely devoted to trendy cafes and other premium coffee outlets. With such an abundance of choices, it is easy for small coffee shops to fall by the wayside; that is why it is important to do everything in your power to make your coffee shop stand out.

One way to compete with the major outlets is by implementing your own personalized coffee cup sleeves. It is easy not to notice the effect these sleeves have on your customers, but something as simple as a custom sleeve can set you apart from the rest.

1. Increase Brand Recognition

One thing that companies like Starbucks and Tim Hortons have in common is if you saw their logos, you’d recognize them in an instant. But what do these two companies have that allows them to dominate 75% of Canada’s coffee shop market? The answer is simple: brand recognition.

Let’s say your customer buys a coffee to go and they enjoy the cup of coffee. Are you going to trust them to remember the place and recommend it to their friends? You can, but you can ensure that your coffee leaves a lasting impact with a coffee sleeve customized to your specific business.

If a customer’s friend asks for a taste of their coffee and likes it, they are bound to ask about it. Rather than getting the reply of, “it’s just off the corner of X street” and having to fumble with directions, a custom sleeve will tell everyone exactly where your delicious coffee came from.

2. Capitalize On Existing Expenses

You are already likely spending money on sleeves, so why not pay that tiny bit extra to capitalize on your existing expenses? Printing does not cost too much, and if you buy in bulk from a custom packaging company, you can spend a similar amount of money for an infinitely better product.

Dull, brown cardboard is the norm for coffee sleeves. You’re already paying for them, so use the opportunity to turn that dull piece of material into a marketing opportunity that is sure to draw more and more customers in for years to come.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you have ever been handed a molten hot cup with no sleeve, you understand the importance of providing a thick and durable material to keep your customers happy and safe. Not only can you customize your sleeve to perfectly match the heat you serve your coffee at, and the cups you use, but you can also give customers something nice to look at while they drink their cup o’ joe.

Customer satisfaction is everything in the hospitality industry; by maximizing the customer experience, you ensure that customers come back time and time again.

Get High-Quality Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Small Business

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