3 Reasons Why Thermal Packaging Will Help Pharmacies

From thyroid disease to diabetes, many North Americans depend on pharmaceutical products and repeat prescriptions to treat their health conditions. However, with COVID-19 affecting much of our day-to-day lives, pharmaceutical service providers have managed to adapt and invent new ways to give consumers their prescriptions without having to leave home. One of these adaptations is switching to online ordering and deliveries, which has seen e-commerce giants such as Amazon join in with its new Amazon Pharmacy.

While innovative and logical, online pharmacies do have to adjust how they deliver their services. Rather than filling a prescription and handing it over in a paper bag or plastic tub to the customer over the counter, these sensitive items now need to be carefully packaged so that they are kept at a controlled room temperature like they would in a pharmacy.

To help pharmacies ensure product quality for their customers, The Packaging Company will explain why thermal packaging should be a staple packaging choice for pharmacies looking to sell and dispense their goods online.

1. Thermal Packaging Protects Pharmaceutical Products

It is clear that drugs and medicines are not like other household products that can be stored and shipped in relatively simple packaging. In fact, many drug labels emphasize the importance of keeping medication at a controlled room temperature away from moisture or sunlight that could negatively affect how the drug works. This is acceptable for over-the-counter transactions but not for deliveries, which are prone to bumps, knocks and exposure to fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and light.

Even with guidelines and labelling, it can be impossible for consumers to notice if their medication has been contaminated by poor shipping conditions. As a result, they may continue to take this medication and not realize it is ineffective or harmful, endangering their health and putting valuable pharmaceuticals to waste.

To help protect pharmaceutical products from deteriorating in undesirable conditions, thermal packaging works by creating a controlled room temperature. Even basic products such as bubble-insulated mailers can help maintain a steady temperature that works in tandem with the drug’s own resistance.

With its bubble insulated lining and reflective colors, thermal packaging acts as a protective barrier against environmental pressures such as daylight and higher temperatures to offer safer shipping. This protection will help keep products in perfect condition for the sake of the consumer’s health.

2. Thermal Packaging is Affordable

Whether choosing to cover the cost themselves or passing it on to the consumer, packaging sensitive items on a regular basis can be expensive when scaled to a pharmacy level.

Thankfully, thermal packaging provides the same benefits as standard mailers or cartons at an affordable rate. Given that the majority of drugs and medicines do not require constant refrigeration but do need a controlled room temperature, insulated or thermal packaging easily meets this need without incurring unnecessary expenses. With minimal weight difference and enhanced hardiness, thermal packaging is able to help businesses and pharmacies ship products without incurring costs due to weight increases or additional tape or wrap.

3. Thermal Packaging Will Increase Consumer Trust

Though ordering prescriptions online for delivery might be necessary for those isolating at home or unable to leave home due to family circumstances, they might naturally feel uneasy about having drugs delivered in the mail rather than collecting them in person. Risks such as contamination and deterioration due to the pressures of transit could make potential customers uneasy about this service. They might already be feeling cautious about not having a face-to-face discussion with the pharmacist too.

But with the use of thermal packaging mailers or cartons, your customers can be reassured that your pharmaceutical products are safe for consumption and much more likely to be in the same condition as if they were collected from the store. By making the extra effort to package pharmaceutical goods in quality thermal packaging, your customers will view you as a reliable pharmacy which they can return to for a repeat prescription.

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