When you mention the words custom packaging, the first thing people tend to think about is custom printed boxes. And with good reason, as corrugated boxes are the world’s most used shipping container, so why not gussy up the first thing that a customer sees?

But to do that, you don’t necessarily have to use a printed box. Custom labels are a highly versatile packaging option with plenty of benefits and near-endless applications. If you’re on the fence about custom branded packaging, or just not sure where to start, here’s 3 reasons why your business—online or otherwise—should be using custom labels.

It’s eye-catching branding

There are plenty of packaging options out there, and when it comes to the custom variety, labels are hard to beat. Shapes like circles, ovals, squares and rectangles (both with rounded edges, too!) help create branding that feels different from other products and packaging. Playing with size lets your products feel subtle and classy, or big and outlandish. Imagine 3 inch round labels emblazoned with your logo or graphic artwork. That’s a winner.

Most importantly, that imagery you use will pop and shine, grabbing the eyes of anyone in sight. It’s not hidden like custom tissue paper, or visually ‘normal’ like a corrugated box. It’s interesting, unexpected and totally noteworthy.

It’s cost-effective packaging

As beneficial as custom packaging is for your branding, investing in an entire suite of custom packaging supplies can weigh heavy on your budget. Starting with just labels allows you to keep using the packaging you already have on hand (like boxes and packing tape), using printed labels as the finishing branding touch. Big, colourful packaging labels for boxes will stand out plenty on top of that natural kraft brown box.

Our labels are full-colour, printed on high-quality materials and can stand up to the expected wear and tear they’ll experience out in the world. We provide your finished designs as roll labels, wrapped around inner cores that make storage and peeling so much easier. You can make applying them even faster by investing in a label dispenser, which preps and peels labels for you, saving your nails and nail beds.

It’s not just for shipping boxes

When you design and order custom labels from The Packaging Company, boxes aren’t the only surface they’re good for. They’re ideal for bottles, drinking glasses and product jars. You can punch up bubble mailers, courier bags and other mailing envelopes. They’re great for labelling dispensary pouches used for teas, nuts and other treats. There’s also food containers, coffee bags and greeting card envelopes, too. The list can go on and on, seriously!

Using custom labels opens a world of potential uses for you, whether they’re meant for product packaging, shipping packaging, or as part of the thank-you inserts placed in customer orders. Our free online packaging designers have the tools you need to create your own packaging labels in multiple sizes and shapes. The Packaging Company is proud to be your custom labels partner. We can’t wait to see the awesome packaging you create.