When it comes to reading books, are you a die-hard page turner or do you prefer swiping across the screen of your tablet?

The rise of e-readers in the last several years has led to a dip in the number of print books we read, but that hasn’t stopped Canadians from buying more than 50 million books in 2015. When customers purchase e-books, delivery is instantaneous and with no shipping required. However, when someone wants a good old fashioned paper book—particularly if the volume is rare or antique—it needs to be shipped safely.

All across the globe, we love buying, sharing, and shipping books to family, friends and secondhand buyers. Since we want to know that those story-filled pages will arrive safely and securely, lets look at some ways to make sure that happens.

3 Supplies for Shipping Books Safely

Quality Packing Tape

Tape comes in many different styles, including a wide clear design and reinforced brown kraft tape. It’s important to make sure books are secured properly, this way they won’t shift around, and they’ll arrive in great condition. If you choose a packing tape that’s not high quality, you’ll risk damage during transit. Keep in mind that books are heavy to begin with, and shipping several books at a time increases the weight of the package. Make sure all your boxes have their seams and folds reinforced with a high quality packing tape.

Sturdy Packing Paper

Kraft paper and corrugated packing paper rolls are a convenient and effective way to wrap books before they’re boxed. They’ll travel more safely, even when being bounced around during delivery. A quality packing paper can help protect a book’s pages and edges so it gets to its new owner safe and sound—without creases, bends or tears. You can also use paperboard sheets to reinforce their backs and spines against warping. Remember, you can avoid damage from residue by wrapping books in packing paper before any adhesive touches them.

Strong Corrugated Boxes

Books are some of the heaviest items that you can ship. That means it’s important to make sure they’re enclosed securely before being sent out. Corrugated boxes are sturdy containers that can easily hold their weight, as long as the box isn’t overpacked (using bubble wrap packaging can help with that). Check your post office’s weight limits for sending boxes—and its mailing tiers—before closing up your package and sending it on its way.

Tape It Up, Ship It Out!

Did you know that between shipping services FedEx and UPS, almost 7 billion packages are shipped out every year? That means almost one package for every person on the planet!

Your packages will be a part of those billions, and the last thing you want is for your books to arrive damaged. High quality products like packing paper rolls, packing tape, and corrugated boxes are just a few of the ways you can start shipping books more safely. When its time to buy packing paper and other supplies like shipping tubes, partner up with The Packaging Company. We’ll be over here, reading!