3 Tools Efficient Businesses Use for Quick & Easy Packaging

Staying efficient is a top priority for businesses, especially if you are preparing products for delivery or for in-store retail. With many logistics and e-commerce staff handling multiple tasks at once, simple but time-consuming jobs like packaging can significantly slow down productivity.

This is where packaging technology comes in. In today’s blog post, we look at three useful tools that speed up packaging and get products in the mail or on the shelves faster than ever before.

1. Label Applicators

When done manually, applying labels can be a terribly slow and inefficient process that consumes excess time and labor. Thankfully, label applicators offer a revolutionary solution that will significantly speed up your packaging efficiency. These gadgets are true packaging tech that can reliably handle high productivity loads with ease.

When purchasing the best label applicators for your business needs, it is important to remember that there are plenty of different options available on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. To find the best value-for-your-money label dispenser that will meet your business needs, consider the following factors:

  • The size of your product
  • Where you want to attach the label (e.g. top-side, bottom-side)
  • The shape of your product (e.g. bags and pouches versus boxes)

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2. Wrap Dispensers

As a major factor in keeping your products and goods secured from damage during transit, packaging wrap is an essential packaging material. Unfortunately, having to wrap your products using old-fashioned tear-away boxes can be a slow task and incur a lot of waste, meaning delayed shipments and on occasion, disappointed buyers.

Luckily, wrap dispensers are here to save the day. Wrap dispensers keep all the wrap you need in one place and can be transported easily. Better yet, they are available for a variety of different materials, including aluminium foil wrap dispensers for food items that require additional packaging. In fact, you can use wrap dispensers to help with a wide range of projects, including:

  • Sealing packaging boxes
  • Wrapping food and drink
  • Covering pallets for shipping
  • Hand-wrapping sensitive items
  • Covering fragile items with bubble wrap

Alongside its versatility and time-saving benefits, wrap dispensers can also help economize your budget. This is because dispensers help maintain the strong tension inside the wrap, preventing any unwanted waste that you would experience if done manually. As a clear win-win for any manufacturer of any size or industry, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a quality wrap dispenser.

3. Tagging Guns

Relied upon in the clothing industry and in retail, tagging guns have provided a revolutionary way to apply pricing and labels to soft products in a fast and effective manner.

To use a tagging gun, simply attach the fastener and the price tag to the tagging gun. When you hear a “click” sound, this means the tags are secure and the tagging gun is ready to be used. By pressing the tagging gun’s trigger, price tags and labels can easily be attached onto the product without harming it. The alternative route of manually sewing tags is much slower and can waste substantial time, especially if done by someone with poor sewing skills or no experience.

As well as being useful for clothing, tagging guns can be used on fabric products such as gifts and even certain home items like curtains. They also come available in different sizes, making the smaller, micro-tagging guns ideal in retail stores for speedy price tagging.

Purchase Packaging Tools for Your Business with The Packaging Company

Packaging technology is a highly rewarding investment for any business looking to speed up product packing and labelling. By purchasing gadgets such as tagging guns, label applicators or wrap dispensers, you can turn hours worth of work into mere minutes and seconds. If you are interested in boosting your business’ efficiency with quality packaging technology that has a reputation for reliability, consider purchasing from The Packaging Company. Get started by browsing our selection of packaging tools here.