A lot’s been said on how to package things right; choose the right box, make it return-friendly, don’t ship air. But what about when it comes to less-than-ideal weather, especially the wintertime?

As humans, we need to bundle up and wear extra layers—but what about our cold weather shipments? How can we bundle up and protect our products from snow and ice, just as well as we protect ourselves?

Here’s our list of 3 effective ways to help your products ride out the cold in winter-proof packaging.

Zip up the Outside

A tight seal’s the best way to keep out snow. But cold temperatures can play havoc with regular packing tape, freezing the adhesive and leaving your box unsealed. Cold temperature packing tape is formulated to survive extreme weather. Switch to it in the winter months, and you can rest assured knowing your shipments will stay closed.

If you’re worried your shipment will be outside for an extended time, consider hand stretch wrap. It’ll help keep melting snow from seeping into your corrugated box—just make sure all shipping labels are clearly visible and easy to scan.

And if you’re using bubble mailers to send your product, think about using poly bubble mailers instead. Not only will you still have the protection of bubble cushion, but poly mailers have the added benefit of being water-resistant. Make sure you’ve sealed the open end properly before sending!

Bundle up the Inside

Hands down, bubble wrap packaging is your friend. The combination of plastic and air-filled bubbles will keep your product protected from damage, and create a barrier between it and the box walls. Just in case your shipment ends up sitting on a snow-covered surface, placing a few paperboard sheets on the bottom of the box will add yet another layer of protection against the elements.

Wrap up the Product

You’ve protected the shipment, outside and in. If you really want to be sure, go the extra mile and cover the product itself in winter-proof packaging. Hand stretch wrap is a solid choice again, especially if you’re using shipping tubes to mail posters or paper materials.

Courier bags are a great option as well. Once properly sealed, they’re tear- and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for clothing and jewelry. Slide in your product, seal everything up and you’re ready to face the weather.

When winter’s in full-force, your packaging techniques need to be, too. Take advantage of these winter-proof packaging tips, and the variety of supplies we carry here at The Packaging Company. Your winter shipments will arrive safe and dry—and your customers will thank you for it.