Checkerboard floors, pleather booths, chrome accents and rounded stools at the counter. The hallmarks of a good retro diner. Walking through the doors, there’s a real sense you’ve just walked into another decade. And if the jukebox music and food packaging is right? Well, you may never want to leave.

For those of you doing the good work—keeping the rockin’ 50s and the groovy 60s alive—here’s the food packaging supplies that’ll bring in the daddy-os, the beatniks and the hipsters. And anybody else who wants a thick ice cream milkshake.

Paper Food Sheets

Part of retro diner charm is using big patterns in bold colours. Just check out their tile floors—they’re kind of awesome, but you also wouldn’t be wrong calling them eyesores. That same look and feel can be brought into your food’s presentation with paper food sheets.

A big pile of saucy wings and a mound of crispy fries looks great with paper basket liner sheets under them. The patterns make delicious food stand out and the tear-resistant paper helps to contain any messy liquids. Dry waxed food sheets are ideal for keeping sandwiches and other bun or bread-based meals from spilling their toppings and condiments everywhere. Plus, that checkerboard pattern really drives home the idea that you’re soaking in some serious greasy spoon nostalgia.

Whatever food paper sheets you settle on, their versatility as placemats, food wrapping, tray liners or basket liners means your table setting is one that just can’t fail. Groovy.

Foil Sheets

There’s not much that matches the feel of biting into a big, juicy cheeseburger while some 50s rock and roll plays in the background. But all that hot grease and overload of condiments can burn fingertips or mess up vintage leather jackets. Wrapping that burger in foil sheets will keep those risky liquids at bay, while keeping all that meat and bacon hot for a lot longer. And, that printed foil paper wrap will look so good at the same time, too.

Foil food sheets are covered in eye-catching patterns like waves, stars and checkerboards. Combine them with bold colours and the natural reflective sheen of the foil, and you’ve got a food wrapping that draws the eye (and the envy) of every hungry customer who sees it. And you just can’t beat that crinkly sound and textured feeling during unwrapping, can you?

Popcorn Bags

We hear you humming those first few bars of “let’s all go to the lobby”. And now you’re making us do it, too. Why should customers head to the drive-in for the munchy, buttery goodness of popcorn in paper popcorn bags, when you can give them that experience right in their dining booths?

White printed popcorn bags bring back the feel of walking around carnivals and marveling at the bright lights, colourful games and dizzying rides. Or diving your hands deep into bags full of salt-topped goodness while wandering around video rental stores (remember those?). There’s no escaping the warm feeling of nostalgia that’ll come over customers while they’re gleefully munching away.

Moist Towelettes

There’s one inescapable thing about eating food at retro diners and greasy spoons. It’s messy.

Help your customers get clean by dropping piles of paper napkins on their table—or making sure your napkin dispensers never run out. All it takes is one drip of grease or a squirt of condiment and you’re looking at messy hands and forearms. You can never have too many napkins.

And if it’s proven to be an especially grease-filled meal (we’re looking at you, fried chicken), moist towelettes will ride to the lemon-scented rescue. Doled out in individually-wrapped foil-lined packets, they remove grease, dried condiments and grime with an easy swipe. Wet wipes are a welcome way to clean up after a decadent and delicious meal.

Nostalgia is big business. With smart financial choices and the right packaging, owners of retro diners can really clean up (napkins help, too!). Our food packaging category is full of the supplies you’ll want to outfit your restaurant—like sheets, bags and even takeout containers. Be sure to stop by.

And if you’re serving up the retro classics, let us know. We’re suckers for a good root beer float.