Nearly 96% of North American consumers now shop online. There are scores of customer orders out for delivery every day, meaning every order you send out is an opportunity for your online store to connect with its shoppers. Whether it’s a thank you card or custom branded packaging, there are effective ways to show appreciation to your customers and keep your brand top of mind. If you’re looking to surprise and entertain, inside printed packaging is a smart, cost-effective option that carries with it some impressive benefits.

It adds to the unboxing experience

The unboxing experience is all the rage, something that’s still stuck around, even after all this time. That means there’s definitely something to it, a legitimate way to connect with customers—and one you should take advantage of fully. A box with a colourful outside is attention-grabbing for sure, but imagine a box with your brand colours, graphics or logo on the inside. That would be surprising and delightful in ways other custom boxes aren’t.

It reinforces your branding

Inside Printed Packaging: Green

Though looks, cleverness and creativity are important for your brand, it won’t count for much if it’s not memorable. Inside printed packaging is absolutely memorable, no matter which way you use it. Paired with outside printed packaging, you customer won’t forget your brand once they open the box and lift out their products. Used just on its own, inside printed packaging not only surprises customers, but gives them an “oh yeah!” moment once they’ve opened their delivery. Either way, it reinforces your brand and increases their loyalty to your business.

It looks more personalized

Effort counts for a lot. Seeing packaging that has printed graphics inside gives customers the impression that you’ve gone through a lot of effort to make this packaging look top notch. They’ll respect and appreciate that, feeling like you’ve personalized the packaging just for them. Plus, inside printed packaging is an excellent way to make lower-cost packaging look more contemporary and expensive.

It lowers chances of theft

Inside Printed Packaging: Red

It’s a stunning and exciting moment when a customer receives their delivery bursting with your brand colours and graphics. The only problem with outwardly-branded packaging is that it can draw the attention of porch bandits. They’re those sad little creatures whose only reason for existing is to scuttle onto your customer’s porch and steal their hard-earned goods. Inside printed packaging can be a way to engage in custom packaging while maintaining an outward look that won’t catch a porch bandit’s eye. Kraft colouring on the outside, amazing brand graphics waiting inside. It’s smart, safe and gorgeous.

Custom colour boxes, custom tissue paper or a simple thank you note are great ways to grab a customer’s attention. But there’s no denying inside printed packaging is a unique and interesting format that no one will really expect. If you’re ready to surprise and entertain, get in touch with The Packaging Company, and see what your e-commerce partner can do for you.

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