There’s no question that life is hectic. Between the stresses of work, hitting the gym and getting errands done, grocery shopping and cooking can fall down your list of priorities—even when your stomach is grumbling. Thankfully, meal prep delivery services are a great alternative to simply ordering pizza all the time (not that we’re knocking pizza, we’re still huge fans of all that cheese and sauce).

If you’re the owner of a preparation service, you know what it takes to operate your business while getting meals out the door and into the hands (or onto the doorsteps) of your customers. And packaging plays a big part in that.

Without the right supplies and protection, your meals may not survive the trip. And whether that’s from delivery damage or food spoilage, both can kill your business off quickly. Here’s the 4 packaging supplies you’ll need when shipping out food kits or prepared meals.

Custom Branded Packaging

You’re performing a valuable service for your customers and shipping some fabulous (and vulnerable) meals. Using the right kind of packaging will not only announce the arrival of your delicious shipment, it’ll encourage customers to open it right away. Custom packaging can do that.

  • Custom boxes help create unforgettable unboxing experiences. Logos, colours and other branding elements can be printed on them for maximum impact.
  • Custom packaging tape (especially the water activated kind) pulls double duty. It protects your shipments during delivery while also doing it in style.
  • Custom labels are an economical and effective branding choice. If custom printed boxes aren’t in your budget, a well-designed roll of labels can turn brown boxes into branded ones.

Insulated Packaging Supplies

Preventing spoilage and bacteria growth is key when shipping prepared meals. Whether you’re shipping them frozen or chilled, you need the right supplies to keep them that way for as long as possible. Insulated packaging is the best way to achieve that.

  • Insulated shipping kits keep inclement weather and humidity at bay while keeping cooler air trapped inside. Use water activated tape or cold temperature tape for extra reliability.
  • Insulated bubble box liners help maintain temperature and contain any spills. The outer foil traps cool air inside while the bubble cushion protects your perishable creations.
  • Cold packs keep temperatures low and can extend safe shipping times. They’re especially a must if your shipments are going to be travelling overnight.

Takeout Containers

Prepared meals aren’t judged by their freshness and taste alone. Despite their convenience and shipping requirements, customers still expect them to look appetizing and remain intact. Using proper food packaging, such as takeout containers, prevents waste and helps ensure meals looks delicious.

  • Deli containers are great for sauces, snacks and bulk food items. They’re also made from microwave-safe polypropylene. Don’t forget about the deli container lids!
  • Soup containers and soup container lids are made from double-sided poly-coated paper to prevent leaks. They’re perfect for soups, stews, gravies and more.
  • Take out containers are ideal for fresh, prepared meals. Their black base and white take out container lids create functional and attractive packaging. They’re reusable, too!
  • Plastic portion cups are best for small amounts of liquids such as sauces, condiments or even food samples. Be sure to choose the matching plastic portion cup lids.

Napkins & Cutlery

Not all foods can be eaten by hand (no matter how much our adorable nieces and nephews claim otherwise!). Adding cutlery to your prepared food shipments can be a nice touch, letting customers know that you’ve thought about their hygiene needs (in addition to their nutritional ones). Don’t be afraid to be generous with the napkins. You can never, ever have too many napkins!

  • Disposable cutlery and utensils are convenient for customers and cost-effective for you.
  • Paper napkins are soft to the touch and feel much nicer on skin than paper towels.
  • Moist towelettes defeat grease and oil and leave hands feeling fresh and clean.

You’ll find all these supplies throughout both our food category and insulated category.

Keeping prepared meals intact, undamaged and unspoiled is made easier when you choose the right packaging supplies. You’ve put a ton of planning, effort and love into your creations, and seeing them go to waste is absolutely heartbreaking. With this list of food packaging supplies, you’ve got a solid start for creating the kind of packaging strategy that’ll serve you and your meal prep delivery services well.