When the New Year rolls around, resolutions are a common thing. Some pledge to be more active or watch a little less TV, but a really big one is to find more ways to save money. Drink less coffee, eat less junk food and bring more lunches to work. It all helps with the bank account (and sometimes even the waistline!).

So what about your operation’s bottom line? Saving money is always good, and saving money now means you’ll have more of it later. Packaging takes up a good deal of your budget—and with good reason—so you can’t really cut back on your product’s packaging.

But what if you can save money on packaging supplies?

Buy in Bulk

There’s no better way to save money than by buying in bulk. The more you buy of a particular item (be it boxes, mailers or tape), the less each individual piece costs. You might pay more up front, but you’ll save more in the long run—and since packaging supplies have a long shelf life, spending a little more now will set you up for quite a while.

Buy Related Items Together

Plenty of packaging supplies go hand-in-hand with one another, so it makes sense that you should buy them together. Tape dispensers are often used to apply packing tape—purchasing them at the same time saves you from having to buy one of them later, risking price increases or even shipping charges.

Supplies like kraft mailing tubes and their mailing tube end caps can be sold separately. Ordering them together makes sure you have both halves of a packaging whole, and aren’t left with a shipping container you can’t seal.

Buy Refills

Some supplies can come in sets (like our house moving kits), and you’re likely to run out of one item before the others. Instead of buying the same set over again, think about buying the individual items separately from the group. Buying them in bulk will again save you even more.

First aid kits are a prime example. When you buy the initial kit, it comes with limited numbers of each piece. You’re bound to run out of something faster than everything else. Looking into purchasing first aid refill kits is a smart and cost-effective move. You won’t have to re-buy the entire kit again, and you’ll make sure the essentials are once again fully stocked.

Buy Multi-Use Supplies

Think about how useful multi-tools are—all the basics supplied in one, making it less likely you’ll need to rummage through a toolbox. So apply that idea to your packaging supplies. Multi-depth boxes allow you to take one box and create up to three boxes with different heights. You’ll be able to ship differently-sized items while saving box space, packaging materials and shipping charges.

Don’t forget that void fill like ExpandOS, foam and bubble cushion are reusable, too!

Saving money on packaging supplies is all about making smarter choices, and with The Packaging Company by your side, you’ll be a packaging genius.