The unboxing experience has become a phenomenally important part of branded packaging and customer orders. It’s now considered a best practice for e-commerce businesses that want to compete (and survive) in a growing, crowded marketplace. But, what can you do if you feel that custom boxes or custom packaging just isn’t enough? Consider adding Bubble® Wrap IB Expressions to your packaging arsenal. These colorful, expressive forms of Bubble Wrap® will make an impression your customers won’t ever forget. Here’s our favorite offerings of Expressions bubble.

Red Hearts Expressions Bubble

Expressions Bubble: Red Hearts

A bright, stunning red that’ll catch the eye of anyone who even glances in its direction. These hearts immediately project feelings of passion, love and deep appreciation. Imagine a customer opening a box and having these staring back at them—that’s not an unboxing they’ll soon forget.

Perfect for businesses like… Chocolatiers, bakeries, lingerie and cosmetic stores

Perfect for occasions like… Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, random gifts for significant others

Clear Hearts Expressions Bubble

Expressions Bubble: Clear Hearts

Classic and contemporary, clear bubble shapes will surprise and delight anyone who sees them. These hearts speak of platonic love and appreciation, for friend and customer alike. Imagine opening a box to discover the Bubble Wrap® isn’t just bubbles, but full-fledged eye-catching shapes. Talk about memorable—and talk about a conversation starter.

Perfect for businesses like… Clothing stores, anywhere that sells collectibles, toys or trinkets

Perfect for occasions like… Birthdays, friendly gifts, showing customer appreciation

Teal & White Thank You Expressions Bubble

Expressions Bubble: White & Teal Thank You

A bright, dual-colored Bubble Wrap® that’ll grab someone’s attention and stop them in their tracks. Saying “Thank You” is one of the easiest ways to express gratitude, and Thank You bubble will surprise, delight and make your customers feel incredibly appreciated. Imagine the eye-catching white against the backdrop of cool, unexpected teal—your expression of gratitude will stand out even more.

Perfect for businesses like… Clothing and accessory stores, gift registries, subscription boxes

Perfect for occasions like… Thank You gifts, celebrating long-time customers

Clear Thank You Expressions Bubble

Expressions Bubble: Clear Thank You

Another classic and contemporary option, clear Thank You bubble will undoubtedly surprise your customers. Imagine opening a box to see plenty of welcoming clear Bubble Wrap®, only to realize it spells out THANK YOU (along with smiley faces!). It’s been said before, but it bears repeating now: that’ll be an unboxing your customers won’t soon forget!

Perfect for businesses like… Collectibles and sports shops, electronics and hobby stores

Perfect for occasions like… Celebrating new customers, Thank You gifts for donations

Red & White Dog Bones Expressions Bubble

Expressions Bubble: Dog Bones

A shockingly great mix of white and red, that’ll make anyone stop and say, “Oooh!”. These dog bones are eye-catching, playful, and probably the most unexpected shape of all the Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions we carry. Imagine opening a box to see a field of dog bones just waiting to be picked up and checked out. You might just have to fight your dog to keep them!

Perfect for businesses like… Pet stores, pet food and accessory small businesses, dog walkers

Perfect for occasions like… Online orders, pet birthdays, inside birthday presents

Interested? We thought so!

Looking to get your hands on Expressions bubble, but wondering how you’ll store it? Introducing Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions Dispenser Boxes. Filled will 50’ of your favorite Expressions bubble, these dispenser boxes make easy work of storing, carrying and accessing the bubble when you need it. Available only at The Packaging Company!

Expressions Bubble: Dispenser Boxes

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