Manufacturing is one of the biggest and most important industries on the planet. It helps businesses thrive and economies grow, so it makes sense that it’s also heavily invested in. Money, research and development help manufacturing processes become faster, more cost-effective, streamlined and even scalable. But, best of all, they become more and more accessible to smaller businesses and startups.

That access has allowed many smart companies to develop products featuring a level of personal customization that just wasn’t possible before—whether it was due to manufacturing setup costs, order minimums, or simply machinery limitations.

Whether it’s custom products or custom branded packaging, here’s 5 businesses that are taking the possibilities of customization to the next level.

Custom Heats

Calling all hot sauce lovers who’ve ever said, “you know what would make this hot sauce perfect?”!

Well, now you can make it perfect. Custom Heats allows you to create your very own flavored hot sauce, with all the spicy, sweet or savory notes you prefer. You simply choose a sauce base (like red pepper or chipotle), then select your pepper choice (like habanero or scotch bonnet), and add in some seriously interesting ingredients (there’s over 70 to choose from, such as oregano, root beer, fajita seasoning and honey). There are so many combinations, it makes our heads spin.

And if you’re simply in the mood for something random, choose SURPRISE ME and see what custom creation arrives on your doorstep. Hot sauces are always a source of debate, and a matter of personal taste, too. Custom Heats lets the truly opinionated have their way. What recipe will you create?

Function of Beauty

Everyone’s hair is different—it might be thick or thin, full or flat, oily or dry. And since we’re all a mix of those traits, using the same shampoo and conditioner as everyone else probably won’t work out well. Function of Beauty gets that, and has created a line of personalized hair care that can be customized according to your hair’s specific needs.

Getting started is easy. You take a quick, straight-forward quiz that establishes your hair and scalp type (such as straight, coarse and dry) and has you choose up to five hair goals (including scalp soothing, fixing split ends and anti-frizziness). Then you choose a fragrance mix (and its strength) and individual colors for both your shampoo and conditioner. And, perhaps coolest of all, you get to name your personal hair care formula (which gets printed on the bottles). We’re so in.

Invictus Gloves

Personalized football gloves aren’t necessarily a new thing. But they’ve only ever really been accessible to a select few, thanks to their cost and difficulty to source. Invictus Gloves set out to change that, developing something really special with their gloves creator.

Designed online and presented in a 360-degree view, nearly every part of the glove (whether it’s areas like the top of the glove, the seams, the palm or the strap) can be dictated by customers—including the colors, text and logo use. It’s a phenomenal way to denote what team a player’s on, their position, and even any interesting quirks or accomplishments they have. It’s time for a company team.


Everyone’s body type is different. Some people have long legs, some have broad shoulders, some have shorter torsos. And while mass-manufacturing of clothing is certainly necessary to service large populations, the fit of most clothing templates generally leaves something to be desired.

UNTUCKit uses a size and fit system for their shirts that matches a customer’s height, body type and fit preference. This ensures customers aren’t bound in ill-fitting mass-produced shirts that might have too much fabric around the waist, but not enough at the neck. It’s a smart, welcome alternative consisting of well-made shirts that still ooze with style.

The Packaging Company

Hey, that’s us! While everyone else on this list provides custom products focused on the wants of a customer, we provide custom packaging focused on the needs of a brand. In today’s world, where online shopping is king and customer orders are constantly on the move, it’s vital that your brand stands out from all those other boxes and mailers. Custom branded packaging is the way to do that.

But for far too long, custom packaging was only an option for businesses that had huge packaging budgets and could order tens (or hundreds) of thousands of units. That meant that only the big guys got noticed, and only the big guys could grow their businesses faster.

That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing custom packaging (like custom tissue paper) to any business that wants it. If you’re a small business looking to keep packaging costs low, but want to put your logo on a box, we’ve got options (like custom labels) for you. If you’ve got limited warehouse space and can’t keep skids of packaging on the floor (like custom tape), our lower order minimums will make you smile.

Stop by our custom shop and see the variety of custom packaging options open to you (like custom mailers). Our online packaging designers are the perfect way to customize your custom branded packaging however you like.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’ve got any questions or would like some help. Here at The Packaging Company, we’re your e-commerce partner. We can’t wait to see what you create.