5 Creative Ways to Use Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a strong, durable and reliable material that has many purposes and is widely used across many different industries. Some of the most common uses for kraft paper include wrapping individual products for protection, economical void fill, palette lining and more. There are several different types of kraft paper such as:

  • Standard Kraft Paper – (virgin natural and natural recycled) most common type of kraft paper used for various cushioning and wrapping applications
  • Colored Kraft Paper – these vibrant colors are perfect for crafting and other fun uses
  • Waxed Kraft Paper – FDA approved wax papers are perfect for use with food and offers lightweight protection against grease, oil and moisture
  • Poly Coated Kraft Paper – offers protection against grease, oil and water and is perfect for protecting metal items
  • Indented Kraft Paper – offers heavy, non-abrasive protection that’s perfect for fragile items and heavy duty industrial parts

Every type of kraft paper comes in a variety of sizes and can often be found in both sheet and roll format. As you can see, each type of kraft paper offers unique benefits that can be used in both businesses and homes. Take a look at some of these unique and creative ways that kraft paper can be used around the house.

DIY Snack Holders

1. DIY Snack Holders

The perfect party hack!
Kraft paper is a great solution for a cheap, simple and biodegradable snack holder. There are
many different designs to play around with and they can be customized to hold chips, burgers, hotdogs, pastries and so much more. These easy-to-make food carriers are ready with just a quick cut and a few folds, and you can even add customized stickers for the finishing touch. This hack is perfect for parties, corporate events, family BBQ’s and more! Just be sure to use FDA-approved kraft paper when using it for food purposes.

Art Canvas

2. Art Canvas

Perfect for both adults and kids!
Kraft paper is the ultimate solution for craft time as it makes the perfect material for writing, drawing, painting and even protecting the tables or floors underneath. Kids love to get creative and this gives them the perfect canvas to play and even learn with the help of parents. Use it to draw alphabets, numbers or even a fun racetrack for toy cars. Kraft paper is environmentally friendly, economical and you can even take things up a notch and get different colored kraft papers for different projects.

Customizable Wrapping Paper

3. Customizable Wrapping Paper

Create your signature gift wrap!
Customized wrapping paper is a great way to give gifts to friends, family and co-workers. You can start with a natural brown kraft paper or go for a colored/printed kraft paper for a unique and personalized touch. A great way to customize these gift options is by decorating the package with twine, ribbons, fresh greenery, your own handwriting or a cool design. Level up your gift-wrapping skills with kraft paper and create your own one of a kind designs that everyone will love!

Book Covers

4. Book Covers

Perfect for both personal and professional use!
Whether you are trying to protect your important and valuable books from damage or just want to customize the look of a personal journal, a kraft paper book cover is a cute and cheap way to dress up your books. You can use standard kraft paper to design your own unique cover or consider getting a colored kraft paper to suit your style. These DIY book covers are the perfect way to protect your books while expressing yourself with personal designs.

Customize A Tablecloth

5. Customize A Tablecloth

Perfect for fun family dinners and get-togethers!
Kraft paper tablecloths not only protect your table from the mess but can also be customized to fit any theme or holiday imaginable. Dress up the kraft paper with bunnies for Easter, turkeys and pumpkins at Thanksgiving or mistletoes and reindeer for Christmas. If you’re looking to add a more personal touch you can design personalized placemats for your guests, incorporate table games and more. Covering your table with kraft paper is not only practical but provides endless possibilities for fun and family customization.

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