Becoming more eco-conscious is critical to succeeding in the modern world, but how much do you know about adopting more eco-friendly practices for your business? Did you know that you can transform how you transport your goods to support a more sustainable way of operating while still benefiting from high-quality and protective packaging?

At The Packaging Company, we know how important high-quality packaging materials are to e-commerce, so that’s why we’ve created this guide to show you that being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. With that in mind, here are five eco-friendly packaging options for your business.

1. Curby® Mailers

Curby® Mailers are the next stage of sustainable packaging. These mailers are designed to roll convenience and sustainability into one, offering you a way of reducing your single-use plastic waste contribution while giving consumers the ability to recycle.

These mailers are made from recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable, making them a guilt-free, high-quality alternative to poly-tubing and other plastic-based packaging solutions.

One of the most significant benefits of Curby® Mailers is that consumers can simply toss them in curbside recycling bins – This means there are no specialist recycling centers to visit and no dismantling of materials.

The unique honeycomb structure inside a Curby® Mailer means that your goods are still protected from damage. The self-sealing technology that comes with Curby® Mailers ensure that there is no damage from outside elements as well.

2. PAPERbubble®

While one of life’s delights is to pop bubble wrap, this can be damaging to the environment. As an alternative to the beloved material, we’ve introduced an innovative and sustainable option that provides the same protections while being good to the Earth.

PAPERbubble® is a cushion wrap that provides filling and cushioning for small and medium-sized goods. This alternative is made from renewable material that comes with a similar bubble pattern to plastic options. This option is fully compostable and recyclable, making them the ideal option for businesses that want to move away from plastic.

3. Nano4 PaperWave

Need superior protection? We’ve got you covered! Nano4 PaperWave is a great biodegradable option that protects your shipments. Essentially, this option contains air pockets that cushion and protect against any force or shock.

Not only is this alternative great for protecting your goods, but Nano4 PaperWave is also fully compostable, recyclable, and made of recycled paper.

4. Kraft Crinkle Paper

Tired of styrofoam shedding and clogging your vacuum? We have an alternative for you! Kraft Crinkle Paper is an attractive alternative to other protective and decorative filling solutions. Made from 100% recycled materials, Kraft Crinkle Paper provides additional color and texture to your package, transforming the unboxing experience. This solution is designed to shed less and leave no dust, making it super easy to clean after use.

5. Corrugated Indestructo Mailers

If you’re in the market for superior protection, the Corrugated Indestructo Mailers are a great option for you. These packaging boxes are crush-resistant, making them the perfect option for particularly valuable or fragile shipments.

Made from cardboard, you get high-strength and quality that is better for the planet than the plastic alternative. Paired with your favorite eco-friendly filling option, you can have confidence that your package will be shipped without any issues or damages.

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