You’ve put a ton of work into honing your craft—charring a burger just right, perfecting the grill marks on steak, and making rib meat fall right off the bone. You deserve the kind of packaging that’ll preserve that hard work and get your customers drooling. Whether you’re dishing it out from a food truck or serving starving patrons in your restaurant, here’s 5 barbecue food packaging choices that are, we daresay, finger-licking good.

Foil Food Bags

Not much beats chowing down on a slow-cooked rack of ribs just dripping in barbecue sauce. It’s delicious, it’s decadent, and it’s also pretty messy. That’s why foil rib slab bags are great for keeping all that meaty goodness contained inside food-grade foil, saving hungry eaters from sticky fingers and unwanted shirt stains.

Easy to load up with food, foil barbecue bags retain plenty of heat. They’ll keep those mouth-watering morsels hot and steamy while making sure fingers and palms aren’t burnt on contact. And if a customer’s order manages to survive the car ride home without being eaten, foil rib bags can be popped in the oven for a quick reheating.

If you’re serving up other lip-smacking creations like pulled pork, smoked brisket and charbroiled cheesesteaks, there are plenty of foil food bags in our lineup that have got you covered.

Food Sheets

Presentation counts for a lot. A steaming basket of grilled chicken and ribs layered on top of heat-retaining, stain-repelling foil sheets looks almost too good to eat. Almost. There’s no way we’re letting top-shelf presentation stop us from tearing into that food (though there might be a few seconds where we can take an Instagram-worthy shot or two).

Food paper sheets pull their weight as well, dressing up and protecting trays and containers that are handed off to hungry customers. Both styles of food sheets come in plenty of colours and patterns that make cheeseburgers, roast beef and chicken wings even more irresistible.

Paper Napkins

Oh man, don’t forget about napkins. You can never have too many paper dinner napkins, and trust us, your customers will (understandably) go through a ton of them. Grease and condiments and toppings and sauces are amazing, but they can really make a mess. Soft and pleasing to touch, paper luncheon napkins are absorbent and longer lasting than paper towels. Be sure to set out big stacks of these guys and keep them coming.

Moist Towelettes

Sometimes paper napkins just aren’t enough and that’s where moist towelettes are real winners. These wet napkins get to the dried, greasy or sugary deposits on your hands and cleans them right off. With a fresh lemon scent, these sanitizing hand wipes are a great stand-in for when there’s no sink or hand soap around. It’s no wonder the best barbecue joints make sure plenty of these make their way to your table once you’re done.

Butcher Paper Rolls

Restaurant tables need love and protection, too. Butcher paper rolls are a thicker paper used by butchers, and in delis, to keep stains from soaking a customer’s hands and clothes. Draping them over your tables will keep stains from soaking into the wood and add a unique rustic and homestyle feel to your eating areas. Add in a bunch of crayons and you’ve got an instant canvas to draw on—a great way to distract the little ones while they wait for their meals to come.

Coloured butcher paper rolls add that extra something to your setting. They’re an easy way to bring together your branding or dress up a specific event. And they’re not limited to simply covering tables either—you can wrap take-out orders, bundle up leftovers, or hang it on the wall for extra messaging or menu listings.

Outfitting your eatery with barbecue food packaging is as simple as visiting the Food category right here at The Packaging Company. We’ve got the food bags, deli tissue sheets and take-out containers to cover the delicious demands of your business.

And hey—are you hungry after reading all that? Because we certainly are. Thank goodness you’re a barbecue joint (or a steakhouse or a food truck or an outdoor grill), huh? We’re on way, so hold a table (or three) for us. Hope you’ve got lots of napkins!