Bring two great things together (like peanut butter and chocolate!) and you can turn them into something magic. Bring two “magic” things together (like cosmetics and packaging) and you can turn them into something stunning. You know that we’re big fans of packaging, and we’re even bigger fans of unique and interesting packaging.

Here’s our list of TPC’s top 5 favorite lip-smacking cosmetics packaging. We’d love to hear about yours!

1. Clinique Crayola Chubby Sticks – Moisturizing Lip Color Balm

clinique crayola cosmetics packaging

Brilliant Clinique colors wrapped up in classic Crayola styling—we think that makes for a winning cosmetics packaging combo. Nothing beats the feel of a fresh crayon in your hand, and with names like mauvelous, mango tango and fuzzy wuzzy, we think they’re a great callback to being that artsy, color-loving kid.

And you know what’s the extra-best part? They even come in a Crayola-style case!

2. TONYMOLY Mini Fruit Lip Balm

tonymoly cosmetics packaging

Who needs descriptive labels (or cute names) when your lip balm looks like this? We’re fans of the simple, yet statement-making design of TONYMOLY’s mini fruit lip balms. Their fruit-shaped packaging is all you’ll need to know whether apple, cherry, peach or blueberry flavor is hanging out in your bag. Delicious!

3. Cupcake Cuties – Lip Gloss by Streamline

cupcake cuties cosmetics packaging

Now you can have your (cup)cake and eat it too. Just like the mini fruit lip balms, we love the packaging trend of turning lip balm pots into eye-catching shapes. Imagine holding a fully-decorated “cupcake” (with rainbow sprinkles, strawberry swirls or chocolate icing) in your hand, cracking it open to get to the satisfying center inside. Now we’re hungry!

With some sets packed in a mini four-pack cake box, they’ll fool even the most die-hard cupcake lover.

4. Taste Beauty – Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm

felicia the flamingo cosmetics packaging

The ‘80s loves to rear its head now and again, and this lip balm packaging screams of retro summers in Miami. Like the flamingo craze no one wants to admit they were into, Felicia is shaped like a pool party flamingo, decked out in hot pink. Packaged in a clear mini beach bag and scented with strawberry, this is one lip balm that will stand out and start conversation.

Bye Felicia? More like, Hello Felicia!

5. SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE – Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss

sephora pantone cosmetics packaging

Pantone is the de facto king of color in the packaging and design world, while Sephora is the veritable queen of the cosmetics kingdom. Like every lip balm combo on this list, they come together to create an incredible package. Their cool pastel colors and stylish packaging celebrate the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year shades (Rose Quartz and Serenity).

Here at The Packaging Company, we love great packaging, whether it’s a subscription box, a soda bottle or a pot of lip gloss. We’d love to know about your cosmetics packaging favorites, so make sure to share them with us on social media.