Valentine’s Day often brings an avalanche of romantic cards, delicious chocolates and flower bouquets. It also provides an opportunity for other romance-adjacent products, like alcohol brands, to get in on the act, styling their packaging around the expected themes and colours of the event. Here’s some lovely examples of Valentine’s alcohol packaging that we find very appropriate and appealing.

Bottega Rose Gold

Valentines Alcohol Packaging: Bottega Rose Gold

A sparkling wine with strawberry and floral notes. Its salmon pink exterior is classy, feminine and rich—no wonder it’s a favourite on the big day. Like many packaging designs, it isn’t so much the shape of the packaging that’s notable, it’s what’s been done with it. The raised lettering, the gold accents, the foil wrap at the top. If a bottle that interesting doesn’t add to the mood, nothing will.

Beau Joie Brut Rose

Valentines Alcohol Packaging: Beau Joie Brut Rose

Hailing from Épernay, Brut Rose has notes of watermelon and citrus. What makes this Valentine’s alcohol packaging so distinctive is its 100% copper suit of armor. Made entirely from second-generation copper scrap, you could also say it looks like a gilded cage, designed to both protect and sing the praises of what’s inside the bottle. This work of art is also functional, as the copper cages keeps the champagne chilled for longer.

Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueur

Valentines Alcohol Packaging: Eden Mill

We’re suckers for powerful colours and interesting design choices. The bottle is wide with a thick base, setting it apart from the tall and slender style other brands tend to favour. Its labelling is all in white, allowing it to almost glow against the backdrop of the raspberry-coloured liqueur inside. Topped off with an exposed cap, it’s packaged in a vibrant red carton. It might be the typical colour used in Valentine’s alcohol packaging, but Eden Mill uses it well.

My Bloody Valentine Beer

Valentines Alcohol Packaging: My Bloody Valentine

For those who prefer their beer and their humour a little dark, there’s My Bloody Valentine. A reddish-brown brew, with notes of caramel and bittersweet chocolate, it lives in a dark (but welcoming) beer bottle. With a scrawled, graphic-style that’s at home both during Valentine’s and the month of Halloween, it’s sure to grab the attention of all kinds of lovers.

EG Valentine’s Edinburgh Gin

Valentines Alcohol Packaging: Edinburgh Gin 1

This bottle just oozes style—from the ribs that ring its base to the pale pink hue of the liquid inside. The floral theme used across both the bottle and the packaging has a very classic and romantic feel, while the contrasting dot pattern makes it feel very contemporary. The gold accents elevate it even further, without making this Valentine’s alcohol packaging feel too crowded or busy. And what sets it apart, even beyond all its other packaging choices, is that a limited run can be ordered with a matching flower bouquet. How original and appropriate for the big day.

Valentines Alcohol Packaging: Edinburgh Gin 2

Valentine’s alcohol packaging often takes on very classy, expensive or regal looks. The shine, the vibrancy and the boldness are always a welcome sight, and one of the reasons why we enjoy the packaging so very much. What kind of themed packaging always gets your undivided attention? Be sure to let us know—we’d love for it to grab our attention, too.