Halloween costumes made from cardboard and corrugate are pretty awesome, right? After all, we’ve already showcased them twice before—8 DIY Cardboard Costumes for Halloween Lovers and 6 (More!) Corrugated Costumes for Halloween Lovers. So, we say, let’s do it again and dive right in. Here’s 5 more Halloween corrugated costumes we know you’re going to love.

Cardboard Vikings

Halloween Corrugated Costumes: Vikings

Image Source: Zygote Brown Designs

What’s not to love about these brilliant and detailed costumes? Let’s start with the helmets. They’re neat to begin with, but the flourishes really sell them. The feather details in the wings are excellent and would make any DIY Halloween corrugated costumes lover proud. And those horns—made from single face corrugate rolls—are really inspired.

Matched by great-looking shields (we love the little rivets), we know there’s bound to be some seriously impressive cardboard swords somewhere. But really, what caps off these great and unique cardboard Vikings are those adorable and impressive beards. Look out for these Berserkers, they’ve put in the work and now they really want their candy.

Cardboard Knight

Halloween Corrugated Costumes: Knight

Image Source: wrnking on Flickr

Where do you start with brilliance like this? The paint job is spectacular, a contrasting black and silver that gives this knight-in-training a dangerous, yet cool look. The dragon-like insignia on his shield and torso add real personality to the outfit. But in the end, it’s the plates that sell it. Rather than being painted to look like a suit of armor, every plate is cut and assembled. Those pauldrons (shoulders), greaves (shin plates) and boots are killer. Now if only that outfit was made in adult size. Just saying.

Minecraft Creeper & Minecraft Steve

Halloween Corrugated Costumes: Steve & Creeper

Image Source: pjkumpon on Instructables

Sure, we’ve covered Steve before. But we haven’t showcased him with the (adorable) bane of his existence. We’re talking about that great Creeper standing next to him. The limey, pixelated design of a Creeper’s been captured perfectly here. And, of course, the same can be said for Steve himself. That classic, retro boxy look is now iconic, and so is that corrugated axe. It’s all so cute that—just like a Creeper—we could just explode!

Boxed Avengers

Halloween Corrugated Costumes: Boxed Avengers

Image Source: Jared Cain on Flickr

These stunning Halloween corrugated costumes were created by a dedicated group of cosplayers at DragonCon 2010. What makes them really smart and extra special—as if they weren’t to begin with—is that they showcase the classic Golden Age looks for many of these Marvel superheroes. We’re geeking out, for sure. And what’s more impressive is that this wasn’t a one-time thing. This rather impressive group of costume makers followed up the Boxed Avengers with Boxed DC superheroes, too!

Cardboard Transformers

Source: Insider on YouTube

Okay, we’re smiling from ear to ear over this, and we bet you are, too. These little dudes are hardcore Transformers lovers, and were adamant they’d be their favourites—Optimus Prime, Starscream and Bumblebee—for Halloween. But, upset by how basic and uncreative most Halloween costumes are for kids, they begged their dad for something better. And, boy, the following year… did they get it!

Custom built for each kid and Transformer model, these Halloween corrugated costumes are top-shelf creations. There’s no way anyone can look at these kids and not be impressed by what they see. We’ll let the video speak for itself. But, man, we’re feeling inspired to create something cool, even though we’ll never beat this anyway.

With a little bit of imagination (and a whole lot of cardboard), there’s really no end to what kind of Halloween corrugated costumes you can create. We love the details of the cardboard Vikings, the classic feel of the boxed avengers, and the stunning creativity of the kiddie transformers. Have you created Halloween carboard costumes that you’re eager to show off? We’d love to see them!