Whether you’re brand new to the world of packaging or just looking for a refresher, we have to say, you’ve come to the right place. Our ongoing Words Worth Knowing series is designed to give you the basic knowledge you need to make the right buying decisions. And the best part is that this won’t take up more than five minutes of your time.

With our last words worth knowing for buying mailing tubes, we covered the five major categories of tubes you’re going to encounter. So, this time, we figured we’d drill down a little deeper. Here’s five lesser-known but still just as useful mailing tubes styles you should know about.

Heavy-Duty Mailing Tubes

Part of the round tubes category, heavy-duty mailing tubes have thicker walls (roughly twice as thick as standard tubes) that make them ideal for shipping heavy or valuable items. They’re often used for documents, blueprints, valuable artwork, or overly-dense materials that wouldn’t do well in boxes.

Like all mailing tubes, they’re resistant to both bending and crushing, accept white end caps to close them, and are equally suited for shipping or storage.

Jumbo Mailing Tubes

Also part of the round tubes category, jumbo mailing tubes have extra wide diameters (5” or more) that make them ideal for shipping large components. They can accommodate things like automotive parts, construction materials, oversized (and heavy) banners, or large-scale artwork.

Because of their increased size, they’re made from the same extra strong material as heavy-duty mailing tubes. They resist bending and crushing, and are ideal for both shipping and storage purposes.

Adjustable Mailing Tubes

Another sibling in the round tubes family, adjustable mailing tubes can change their length to accommodate the items being placed inside them. This is especially useful if you ship automotive or construction components that come in multiple sizes.

Adjustable tubes load and seal from the middle by sliding the larger tube over the smaller one. The end caps are already pre-attached for extra protection, making the tubes useful for both shipping and storage.

Colored Mailing Tubes

The final addition to the round tubes family, colored tubes are exactly as they sound. As standard tubes adorned in bright and glossy colours—like red, blue, green, yellow, black and gold—they’re ideal for use in visual branding, special mailings or simply for organizational purposes.

Just like other round mailing tubes, they can be sealed with white ends caps and can be easily shipped or stored as needed. If you’re looking to attract attention, think about colored mailing tubes.

Kraft Bags for Rolls & Tubes

These guys are an unusual part of the mailing tubes family. Kraft bags are meant for storing and transporting (but not shipping) blueprints, fabric, wallpaper and other materials that can be rolled up but don’t necessarily require the rigid walls of standard mailing tubes.

Made from heavyweight kraft paper, they’re sewn up at the bottom to provide extra strength and support during storage. If there’s material left at the open end, it can be folded over and sealed with tape to help prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.

Cool, you’re now five minutes more in the know about buying mailing tubes. And you look like someone who’s ready to make their first purchase, too. If you’re looking for more words worth knowing, be sure to explore our knowledge center—it’s absolutely full of other packaging topics, too.

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