5 Remarkable Ways to Use Jute Twine

Jute products are commonly used around the world for a multitude of purposes. ‘Jute’ is a natural fiber that is produced from the Tossa jute (Corchorus Olitorius) and White jute (Corchorus Capsularis) plants, which are commonly grown in the continents of Africa and Asia. It is harvested at a precise time and goes through a process called retting, in which it is submerged in water for 10-30 days.

After retting, the jute is processed and turned into a variety of goods including burlap, hessian, twines, cords, and more. Jute twine, in particular, is available in different thicknesses, allowing their tensile strength to reach up to 140lbs. Take a look below at some of the ways that jute twine can be used in and around your house.

DIY Home Décor

Jute is currently one of the cheapest natural fibers available. Thanks to the affordability and accessibility of jute products, it has made its way into homes around the world. Jute twine has an earthy, natural, and minimalistic feel that is sure to fit into any type of décor style. You can get jute home décor directly from the store in the form of lampshades, rugs, baskets, and more.

Additionally, you can turn any of your own belongings into beautiful jute-covered pieces. Using jute twine, you can wrap and embellish almost anything from wine bottles and flower pots to seasonal décor. Just take your twine, wrap your décor, and secure with an adhesive such as hot glue. Finally, find the perfect place to display your masterpiece! The decorating possibilities with jute twine are endless, and it truly makes the perfect addition to any décor.

In the Garden

Due to the fact that jute twine is an all-natural fiber that is biodegradable, it is perfect for use in the garden. Not only is jute twine affordable and strong, but it is the perfect substitute for other gardening materials such as metal and plastic binding wires that can cause irreparable damage. Jute twine is a softer fiber that will minimize the abrasion to your plants, use it to secure your vegetables, herbs, and flowers to lattices and support cages safely.

In addition, you can use jute twine to section your garden into plots or hang your planters. Macramé hangers made out of jute twine are a beautiful and easy way to turn regular pots into hanging pots and display your greenery. The natural, biodegradable and strong nature of jute twine makes it the perfect garden companion.

Crocheting & Crafting

The incredible versatility of jute twine makes it a must-have in every crafter’s closet. Jute twine can be used for many different crafts including crocheting. You can crochet jute twine into coasters, baskets, pot holders, placemats, ornaments, and much more. Furthemore, jute twine can be used for other crafting methods such as bracelets, paper mache projects, keychains, dreamcatchers, and then some!

At The Packaging Company, we offer jute twine in 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply thicknesses for all of your crafting needs.

Candle Wicks

Thanks to the all-natural properties of jute twine, it makes a great material for a candlewick.
There are many different methods that can be used to make the jute wick last longer such as braiding, oil treatment, salt treatment, wax treatment, borax treatment, etc. Be sure to find the treatment that works best for your candle needs. Additionally, jute twine can be used as a wick for oil lamps. Jute is a good option for wick because it is all-natural, synthetic-free, and absorbent enough to wick up the oil or wax and burn longer.

Gift Wrapping

Jute twine is the perfect material for wrapping gifts and giving them a final, personalized touch. Not only is jute twine natural and biodegradable but the earth-toned color pairs perfectly with any type of gift wrap, especially brown kraft paper. Take gift wrapping to the next level by including other natural elements such as pine cones, flowers, pine/spruce sprigs, or even other materials such as ribbon, lace, stickers, and more!

Turn jute twine and kraft paper into your new signature gifting style. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will have a positive impact on the environment.

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