Style is a very personal, very specific thing. The most successful clothing stores out there realize that, and cater to those very specific (and often personal) tastes. Those same clothing stores also realize that their packaging can be an effective way to reach out and bond with their clientele. After all, if you can’t make your business look good, how can your customers believe that you’ll make them look good? Choosing the right packaging supplies for clothing stores can elevate your business in ways that surprise you—whether you manage physical locations, online stores, or both. Here’s 5 custom packaging options that can make your clothing business look stylish, confident and worthy of your customers’ dollars.

Custom Boxes

Standard kraft corrugated boxes will always be a good choice for shipping products. But, branching out into custom boxes tells everyone that you mean business. Whether it’s the shape of the box (front lock mailers are a spectacular way to present folded clothing) or its appearance (decked out in your brand’s colours is always striking), that custom touch makes a big impression with customers.

Custom Tissue Paper

Everybody loves bubble cushion, but everyone loves tissue paper even more. It’s smooth and soft and makes an awesome sound when you bunch it up in your hands. It’s also an excellent way to step up your packaging game, brandishing logos or patterns across its papery expanse. Folded around clothing like sweaters or pants, it’s like lifting a veil and being awed at what’s underneath. Wrapped around jewelry and other accessories, it turns them into presents your customers cannot wait to open.

Custom Labels & Label Dispensers

One of the great things about custom labels is the many ways you can use them. In terms of graphics, you can use your full logo, the wordmark, just the icon—really, anything that you think represents your brand. In terms of applications, you can place them on shopping tags, thank-you cards, use them to secure folded custom tissue paper (or the front flap on a front lock mailer), or even as your sole piece of branding on standard boxes.

Volume is a big part of running a clothing store. You’ll be selling and packing up plenty of pieces throughout the day, which can eat up lots of your time. One effective timesaver is a label dispenser, which quickly and easily separates labels from their backing. You’ll no longer have to fuss with peeling labels by hand, and the machine can be placed in a common area and operated easily by your team.

Custom Tape & Tape Dispensers

Shipping clothing orders to customers is another opportunity to showcase your brand. Every box needs to be sealed somehow, and tape is the standard way to do it. But what’s arguably the best way? Custom tape, branded with your logo in an attractive, repeating pattern. It’s often so striking and eye-catching that budget-conscious brands use it as their sole custom packaging product—at least, on the outside of a shipment.

When you’ve got plenty of customer orders to prepare, and even more customers waiting for your help in-store, finding ways to speed up your packing efforts is key. Tape dispensers will do exactly that, making it easier to apply tape, cut it (no scissors or teeth needed!), and find the end of the roll later (so frustrating!).

Thank-You Cards & Gifts

Ah, the finishing touch that every customer loves. A small card, branded well, and thanking them for their purchase. It’s a simple way to show your customers they’re appreciated, which will bring them back to your store again and again. We’re fans of the handwritten note, if you have the time. It’s personal, tasteful, and makes people feel like they’re your most important customers. Compliment them on their taste—trust us!

There’s so much to track (and so many choices to make!) when it comes to custom packaging supplies for clothing stores. But we know that with your exceptional taste, and how well you know your customers, your packaging efforts will be effective, attractive and top-notch. If you’re interested in exploring custom packaging options for your clothing store, be sure to get in touch with us here at The Packaging Company.