Barbie is one of the most enduring brands on the planet. She’s an aspirational figure, an icon of independence, and a way for moms, daughters and sisters to bond. Every year, more diverse dolls, professions, adventures and lifestyles join the Barbie product lineup–which means demand for limited editions, classic dolls and rare accessories skyrockets. Knowing how to capitalize on this market can be incredibly lucrative, especially in the online auction and reselling worlds. Here’s the 5 supplies you’ll need for shipping Barbie dolls.

What You’ll Need

Optional: (Custom) Tissue Paper and Labels

Plan your unboxing strategy

Part of buying Barbie dolls is experiencing the packaging for the first time–the colors, the photography, the styling of Barbie and everything else inside the box. Shipping Barbie dolls is no different. If you really want to make a splash, plan for how buyers will lay their eyes on their purchases. Orient the product so Barbie or the product shot is ready to greet them. Wrap it in tissue paper to make it feel like a present, sealing it with a label to delay gratification by an extra second or two.

It’s not a requirement to craft an unboxing experience around Barbie, but it certainly adds to the prestige and your potential remuneration.

Use new corrugated boxes

This is a common suggestion, but it’s one worth repeating. Used corrugated boxes can be damaged in ways both seen and unseen. Dents and punctures are unsightly, for sure, but moisture damage or internal tearing can risk product damage in transit. And when you’re shipping Barbie dolls, the looks of your shipping packaging, and the protection of the product’s packaging, is paramount.

Secure and seal everything

Start with the product itself. Using foam sheets will help protect the packaging’s corners from buckling, while bubble cushion will prevent dents and punctures to its walls—this will also create some basic moisture protection, which is an added plus for shipping Barbie dolls. Once it’s all tucked away in a new corrugated box, seal it with quality packing tape. Carton sealing tape is great, but if you’re shipping a particularly valuable Barbie doll, water activated tape will provide a little more security thanks to its tamper-evident features. If you’re concerned about contaminants, using the H-tape method will help guard every flap from dirt, dust and moisture.

Consider better shipping options

Depending on what Barbie product you’re shipping, or who you’re shipping to (some collectors are incredibly discerning), you might want to upgrade your shipping options. Priority shipping can get it there faster, tracking and signature requirements will put buyers at ease, and insuring shipments will protect your investment. Err on the side of safety—you won’t regret it. 

Even after 6 decades, Barbie dolls (and their myriad of accessories) remain in high demand. Resale values have never been higher, and neither have expectations. It’s important to know how to handle shipping Barbie dolls right, to keep their packaging intact and your profitability high. We know you’re the type to do things right, and The Packaging Company is happy to supply the packaging you’ll need.