Did you just buy a house? Or maybe you’re moving into a new apartment? Congratulations, it’s an exciting time!

So now you’ve got to pack your place up—and if you do it right, you’ll make your moving day a whole lot easier. But are you wondering where to start? Thinking about what to get first?

Here’s what you’ll need to kickstart packing up for your next move.

1. Moving Boxes

moving starter kit

Moving boxes come in just a few standard sizes. This way they’re harder to overpack and easier to stack in moving trucks.

Remember: it’s a good idea to stay away from boxes at grocery stores. They’re often water-damaged and may have been exposed to bugs!

2. Packing Paper

moving starter kit

Packing paper is ideal for wrapping up dishes, glassware and other small items. It’s also easy to use as a void fill.

Remember: you should avoid using newspaper to wrap things up as the ink can rub off!

3. Bubble Cushion

moving starter kit

Bubble is perfect for protecting fragile items like crystal vases, picture frames and lots more. Once you’re done packing, relax and unwind by popping whatever’s left!

4. Packing Tape

moving starter kit

Packing tape is the backbone of your moving day. Who wants the bottom of a box to open when you’re carrying it around or walking up the stairs for the tenth time?

5. Markers

moving starter kit

Markers are the key to organizing everything. What good will a moving box do you, if you don’t know what’s inside or where it’s going? Label, label, label!


Want to kickstart your packing? Unsure how to get started? Check out our moving starter kit!

moving starter kit

BONUS BOX USE: Do you have flat or wide items to pack?

The display box for the moving starter kit is the perfect size for packing and transporting mirrors, artwork and more!

Pack it. Protect it. Move it. Grab your moving starter kit today!