Whether you’re shipping cheese, action figures or funko pops, your packaging tactics need to fit the product. Most perishable goods need to be kept cool, boxed items need to be kept safe, and when it comes to shipping jewelry, that bling needs to be kept hidden. Here’s the 5 supplies—and 5 extra packing tips—you’ll need for shipping jewelry safely and discretely.

What You’ll Need

Corrugated Boxes or Bubble Mailer Envelopes

Bubble Cushion or Tissue Paper

Clear Bags

Packing Tape


Optional: Bubble Wrap® Expressions or Custom Tissue Paper

Bag (& Wrap) Your Jewelry

Marred jewelry is a potential problem if you don’t ship it carefully—after all, who wants to wear a tarnished ring or a scratched set of earrings? Before you pack those pieces into a shipping container, do the quick legwork to save jewelry from colliding with the side of a box, or worse, itself.

Wrap the items in some cotton or tissue paper, and slide them into a clear poly bag. This will keep them contained and stationary during the trip. Once everything is ready to go, tape the clear bags closed (or use reclosable poly bags) to secure the jewelry inside.

Choose A Shipping Container

Here’s where you weigh dim weight charges against package security. When you’re shipping jewelry, often the pieces aren’t big enough to warrant the use of corrugated boxes. They can (comparatively) be so much bigger than the items that you’ll trigger dim weight shipping charges, costing you more money for delivery and eating into your profits.

Using mailer envelopes, specifically poly bubble mailers, are often the more economical choice—both in terms of packaging costs and eventual shipping charges. They’re just as protective as a corrugated box, with usually just a fraction of the profile area, but they come with a risk all their own. It can be easier for someone to surmise that there’s boxed jewelry inside that bubble mailer, rather than when it’s inside a box.

Both shipping containers are good and appropriate choices. Thankfully, you can better protect your shipments against delivery risks by heeding the packing tips to come.

Add A Thank-You Card or Gift

Rather than use a branded box to broadcast what’s in the shipment, use the inside of it to your advantage. Custom tissue paper is excellent for creating an unboxing experience, and don’t forget to include a thank-you card or some sort of gift. Trust us, your customers will appreciate the discretion, and love opening their order even more.

TPC Tip: If you’d still like to customize your shipping box, keep the outside a standard kraft colour, while using a colour of your choice on the inside. Your customers will have wide eyes and big smiles!

Tape It Up (Or Secure It) Properly

Once you’ve properly wrapped and bagged your jewelry, chosen your shipping container, loaded it with void fill, and added any thank-you cards and gifts—it’s time to seal it up. If you’re using a padded bubble mailer, it’ll have an included peel-and-seal adhesive strip for a quick and secure closure. If you’re using a corrugated box, grab some quality packing tape and use the H-tape method (one strip to secure the box flaps, two perpendicular strips across the sides of the flaps).

Now you’re packed, sealed and almost ready to go.

Be Discreet & Insure It

From here, it’s all about risk management. Insure the jewelry if it’s a rare piece or is exceptionally valuable. Use a delivery option that requires it be tracked during its trip, and then signed for upon delivery. And use no identifying words or graphics on the shipment that give away what’s inside.

Once it’s in your customer’s hands, be sure to contact them about the delivery. You’ll ensure the shipment arrived safely and intact, and you’ll make your customer feel appreciated since you cared enough to follow up with them.

Like any product sent out for delivery, shipping jewelry takes a little planning to do it right. Thankfully, with how dedicated you are to your creations and to your customers, it won’t be a difficult thing to do effectively. And once they open that box, your hard work will shine bright like a packaging diamond.