It’s important to make the right packaging choices, whether you’re moving to a new home, or packing up customer shipments. Bubble cushion is an effective, reliable packaging material, and using bubble rolls are a smart way to maximize your buying power and packing times. But there’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying them. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to know to become a bubble rolls purchasing expert.

Bubble Rolls Sizing

There are 3 things to pay attention to when it comes to sizing out bubble rolls: bubble size, roll width and roll length. Once you know these basics, you’ll be able to identify what you’re looking for much more easily. Here’s a speedy rundown:

Bubble Size

Small bubble rolls have 3/16” air cells. They’re generally used for moving small, lightweight items and shipping regular consumer products.

Medium bubble rolls have 5/16” air cells. They’re used for larger, heavier objects in need of better padding and support during shipping.

Large bubble rolls have 1/2″ air cells. They’re used almost exclusively for void fill purposes.

Roll Width

12” width bubble rolls are for standard, expected uses like packing up household objects and protecting consumer products. It’s the standard choice of moving companies.

24” width bubble rolls are uses for wider, larger objects like electronics, works of art or product components.

48” width bubble rolls are oversized for covering large objects or for maximizing void fill use without using significant roll length.

Roll Length

Choosing your roll length is simply based on how much bubble cushion you’ll need for your project. Depending on your needs, some bubble rolls can be relatively short while some can be extremely long for large projects.

TPC Tip: Bubble rolls up to 300’ are UPSable—that is, they can be shipped by a regular delivery truck and fit through standard doorways.

Perforated vs. Non-Perforated Bubble Rolls

Perforated bubble rolls have pre-cut lines across the width of the roll at regular intervals—usually every 12”. Users simply tear off the amount of bubble cushion they need, with no need for scissors. This often means the bubble is used more conservatively and lasts longer.

Non-perforated bubble rolls are simply one long uninterrupted length. This is more ideal for high-volume projects where the sizes of objects vary. A sharp knife or pair of scissors is a good tool to have on hand during these sorts of endeavours.

Bubble Rolls Styles

Recycled bubble is simply reclaimed bubble material.

Anti-Static bubble repels electrostatic charge, protecting electronics and their components during shipping and storage.

Adhesive bubble sticks to whatever product or object it’s wrapped around, removing the need for packing tape.

Cohesive bubble sticks only to itself, removing the need for tape while also preventing objects from potentially being marred by adhesive.

Dispenser Boxes

Using dispenser boxes to house bubble rolls is an easy way to keep bubble cushion clean, rolled up, and easily accessible. The corrugated box is easy to store or carry around, and a perforated slot allows the (also perforated) bubble to be pulled out and torn off with little effort. Dispenser boxes are available in many roll styles including regular, anti-static, adhesive and cohesive. If you’re looking for some extra personality in your bubble cushion, Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions Dispenser Boxes are also available—showcase your products in bubble cushion shaped like dog bones, hearts and more.

Bubble Pouches

If you’re looking for ways to speed up your packing efforts, bubble pouches (aka bubble bags) are a good fit. Pre-sealed to form pouches and bags, they’re an excellent way to pack, sort and organize your products. Simply put an item in a pouch, seal it up (some even have adhesive strips), and you’re done. They’re excellent for packing up glassware, dishes, fragile and expensive objects, picture frames and electronic components.

Bubble cushion and bubble rolls are a key part of an effective packaging strategy. Knowing the sizes, styles and options out there will open up possibilities and benefits for your business that you may not have been expecting. Good luck, and happy hunting!