Creating unboxing experiences with your custom branded packaging is a brilliant way to gain attention. It not only draws new eyes to your brand and its products, it’s more likely to turn on-lookers into paying customers. But with competition always looming over your shoulder, you’ve got to find ways to get the word out about you. And a great way to do that is with social media.

Speed and audience size are the hallmarks of social media. In seconds, you can tell potential customers all about you, share a joke, and show off your brand. And with the right strategy behind your content, you can get thousands of eyes on your brand, your products, and its packaging.

Here’s 5 tips for using social media to promote your unboxing experiences.

Add your social media handles

Let’s be honest, no one likes having to guess what your social media names are. So, find a great place on your packaging and list them quickly and simply. It’s your choice where they appear—whether that’s inside your custom box (alongside a snappy headline) or printed on a glossy thank-you card. But make sure they’re easy to spot. No one likes having to search packaging for social media names, either.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most common choices, but they’re not the only ones. Base your list off what gets your brand the most attention. Twitter is great for brands to interact with each other and make their tête-à-tête public, Snapchat works for sharing random moments, and great Instagram photos get tons of attention.

Use a catchy hashtag

Grab your copywriter and craft a hashtag that’s super catchy and summarizes your brand. Then work it into the design of your custom packaging and promote it hard. Using just one hashtag is not only easier to remember, but it makes your brand seem smarter and more relatable.

When customers use it, they’ll find all the content and messages other customers and fans have posted. It creates an instant sense of community which only reflects positively on your business. Be sure to use it often in your posts, and offer bonuses for customers who use it, like contests or discounts.

Promote exclusive offers

People love when offers seem to be just for them. Rather than offering the same promo across all your social media, tailor it to every channel instead. Have thank-you cards direct them to hit up Instagram and find a tagged shot for their next discount. Give them free shipping if they add you on a specific app. Get them to find the coupon code you’ve given out on Twitter. Offer them a gift if they share your packaging online.

Engage with influencers

Find product- or industry-relevant influencers and send them good stuff. You’re likely to get showcased in Snapchat stories, Instagram posts, and Unboxing or Sent Me videos on YouTube. Give them a discount code to hand to their followers and you’ll have another easy way to track engagement and interest.

If you seek out micro-influencers, you’re likely to find even higher engagement and feedback. They’re often seen as experts in their chosen fields and their followers—while lower in count—are far more qualified leads. Whatever you choose, aim for getting video exposure. YouTube is huge.

Share it all yourself

Don’t neglect your followers or underestimate their enthusiasm for your brand, your products and your packaging. Instagram and Snapchat stories get a ton of traffic. Speed, movement and colour never fail to draw eyes and attention. Do it well and you can’t lose.

Custom packaging, unboxing experiences, social media and customer metrics. Together, they form this big, beautiful combination of brand awareness and business success. You get to interact with customers, draw attention to your brand, and learn which channels work best for selling to your customers.

Stop by our custom shop. It’s got the custom packaging options best suited to creating a memorable unboxing experience for your brand. And with our online designers and their easy-to-use tools, your packaging is going to look (almost) as good as you do.