Without finding a way to differentiate your shipments, you risk getting lost in the rush. The good news is that all it takes is a bit of smart planning (and some custom packaging), and your shipments will become the kind your customers can’t wait to dive into. But, it’s one thing to read that you need to consider custom branded packaging. It’s another thing to actually see it, and realize just how true that advice is. So, here’s 5 custom packaging creations that are so good, they create the kind of unboxing experience examples that make all others jealous.

Trunk Club

Unboxing Experience Examples - Trunk Club

This clothing service sends its goods to customers in corrugated boxes—front lock mailers, to be exact!—dressed up to look like old suitcases. There’s even a handle to complete the trunk-like feel (and, of course, make it easy to carry). It’s all topped off by a handwritten thank-you note from the stylist who created the customer’s outfit selections. That’s one of the most memorable unboxing experience examples I’ve seen yet. Bet it’s hard to justify getting rid of those trunk boxes!

Dollar Shave Club

Unboxing Experience Examples - Dollar Shave Club

You’ve probably seen that fun ad of theirs (and if not—find it online once you’re done here!), dripping in sarcastic wit and humour that is hugely endearing. That same personality carries over into their packaging in a major way. Presented in a front lock mailer, you’re greeted by your new shaving implements and a bunch of statements reassuring you that you’ve made the right buying choice. I like my unboxing experience examples to be less fun… said no one, ever.

Loot Crate

Unboxing Experience Examples - Loot Crate

Monthly subscription boxes are a huge deal these days, and Loot Crate’s one of the most popular out there. And frankly, after seeing their packaging choices, it’s easy to see why. Using a front lock mailer box (seeing a pattern here?), the graphics are customized according to the theme of what’s inside. The picture above is a spectacular example of the originality of their packaging, and the insight they have into their customers. That particular box is printed inside to look like a retro video game system, giving customers a reason to turn the box inside out. I want one now.


Unboxing Experience Examples - Harry's

Yes, there’s already a shaving club on this list. But the packaging choices of Harry’s deserves its time in the spotlight, too. Whereas Dollar Shave Club goes for sass and wit, Harry’s goes for contemporary class. From its minimally printed front lock mailer, to its attractive mailer pouches and distinctive shaving handle colours, everything here says refinement and class. You feel healthy, wealthy and wise opening up this guy.

Jollie’s Socks

Unboxing Experience Examples - Jollie's

This is one of my favourites on this list. Jollie’s sells fun and fashionable socks while being charitable at the same time. For every pair sold to a customer, another pair is donated to a homeless shelter (socks are one of the most requested clothing items for people in need). That very fact is branded on the inside of their mailer box (wear a pair, share a pair). It’s a nice way to show off your new purchase while pointing out that you’ve helped to do a little good in the world. Oh, and their socks often come in recyclable cans with pull tops! Who WOULDN’T want to open that?

Solid ideas, great graphics, and quality packaging supplies. These are the hallmarks of successful custom packaging, the kind that’s worthy of being top-notch unboxing experience examples. And as we all know by now, standing out is more important than ever. If you’re looking to try custom branded packaging for your business, get in touch with us here at The Packaging Company. Let’s see how we can make you stand out, too.