The world moves fast today and the business world seems to move even faster. New ways of doing things pop up all the time, and those who are reluctant to embrace them tend to be left behind. Packaging automation is one such development. It’s a way to speed up and improve your packing efforts using machinery, and it’s being adopted quite readily by growing businesses.

But what if your boss is unconvinced? How do you best get them to reconsider?

Start a coup. Just kidding. Here’s 5 ways to convince your boss to embrace packaging automation.

Tell them: the competition is already on it

Every (smart) business is open to simplifying and speeding up their packing processes. Packaging automation is the best way to do that, and in today’s world of always wanting greater efficiency, your competitors are already on top of it.

Do a little research and see if you can find out what some of them are doing (we bet you’re a charmer and can sweet talk some info out of them). Show your findings to your boss, along with some research on potential machinery or gadgets they can invest in. We bet that’ll light a fire under them!

Show them: bag opener machines

Tell them: it’ll speed up packing and reduce downtime

We humans only have two hands, which means we can only do so many things at once. Trying to balance handling a product while also prepping its packaging can lead to clumsy moments or even slow us down. That’s where packaging automation can help your team by handling small or menial actions.

Peeling a label off its backing is a repetitive motion and can be frustrating if the label decides not to cooperate. Entry level automation like label dispensers can handle the separating of label and backing, letting your employees concentrate on proper placement. Packaging efforts become faster and downtime from frustration goes away.

Show them: label dispenser machines

Tell them: it’ll save money over time

The more hurdles your employees face in their packaging efforts, the longer it will take them to complete their work. Seeing as payroll is often the biggest expense a business has, extended packaging times can translate into higher payroll costs. There’s also the potential for employees to use more packaging supplies than necessary. Even in small amounts, this can build up over time and cost you significantly more in packaging replenishment.

Packaging automation can remove hurdles, automate certain actions and regulate the amount of packaging used by employees. That all leads to one thing: a reduction in business costs. It’s safe to assume your boss will like that outcome.

Show them: tape dispenser machines

Tell them: their customers will be happier

No one likes dealing with excessive packaging, customers least of all. Adopting packaging automation means your final product will be using only the packaging it absolutely needs and no more. It also reduces the likelihood of incorrectly packaged products, which can lead to customer frustration and disappointment. Happier customers equal repeat customers, and your boss won’t turn down that.

Show them: air cushion machines

Tell them: their employees will be happier

Packaging products can become a repetitive, monotonous affair. Performing the same actions over and over can lead to employee boredom and even repeat-motion injuries. Packaging automation gadgets that reduce the number of packaging steps and speed up the remaining ones, keep employees more alert and more invested in what they’re doing. A happier employee is a more productive one—and less likely to walk off the job. That’s a solid win your boss will appreciate.

Show them: twist tie machines

It can be intimidating to take the leap into packaging automation. It takes time to properly research the gadgets that will best suit your needs. There’s also a financial investment to make as automation requires upfront costs that may scare some. But the returns it provides in workplace productivity, employee satisfaction and cost savings can be very attractive to those in management.

Do your research, structure your argument, and have a good talk. Your boss will thank you.