5 Ways to Repurpose Your Moving Supplies

During the moving process it is crucial to have high quality moving supplies and packaging materials that are guaranteed to keep your valuables safe. Despite the importance of these supplies during the move, you are inevitably faced with a mountain of used packing materials that may seem useless after you have unpacked.

Nonetheless, sustainability is more important than ever which is why many of our products at The Packaging Company are now made from recycled materials and are built to be more environmentally friendly. To further sustainability efforts we encourage customers to implement reduce, reuse, and recycle strategies to help our products be repurposed more than ever before. To make this task easier we have put together a guide to help our customers repurpose moving supplies and packaging materials in both practical and fun creative ways.

1. Pass Them Along

Millions of North Americans move homes every year which means that there are millions of people in need of moving supplies and packaging materials to keep their belongings safe during their move. Asking friends, family, and local community members if they could use moving supplies for their own move will take the materials off your hands while helping to make their move easier.

Another option is going around to local businesses that may be able to reuse the packaging for shipping products to customers. For small businesses every little bit counts, and many would be thrilled to receive such support. With technology today it is easy to post to online community boards and groups that have a large outreach, you can be sure that someone local will be able to put your materials to work.

2. Save Them for Next Time

Typically, people will move several times over their life, so if you think you will be moving again in the future and you have space in which you can keep them safe and dry, you should consider breaking down the boxes to store them for your next move. This goes for other materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper that is in good condition, just fold or roll them neatly and store them for next time.

An alternative to simply storing these materials is to put them to use for organizing your house and storing seasonal products such as Christmas and other holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, toys or any other household items that need to be tucked away. Use your bubble wrap and kraft paper to protect valuable materials such as ornaments or glassware. This is a great way to put what you have into use while organizing your new space.

3. Get Creative

Now that we have the practical solutions out of the way it is time to get crafty! Most of our packaging materials can be used for creative fun with your family. Listed below are some of our suggestions for your materials:

1. Cardboard Boxes – Cardboard boxes can be used for plenty of fun ideas such as building forts, designing costumes, drawing on and so much more. These ideas can provide hours of fun for your family and can be recycled when you are finished. Look at some of these great cardboard costume ideas.

2. Packing Paper (Kraft Paper) – Kraft paper is the perfect artistic backdrop for both little ones and adults alike. You can use it underneath your masterpiece to protect your tables or you can turn it into a masterpiece itself. It is the perfect canvas for creative minds.

3. Bubble Wrap – Bubble wrap can be used in many ways apart from the endless fun of popping bubbles, try cutting out fun shapes to paint and use it as a unique stamp or to create fun bubble wrap animals that are kid friendly. You can also consider putting its excellent insulation qualities to work for trips to the grocery store or to line your windows. Here are some more creative and incredible ways to reuse bubble wrap.

4. Wrap Those Gifts

Cardboard boxes are the perfect solution for gift giving. Keep them around for birthdays and holidays so you can disguise your gift and make the unboxing experience fun and unique. If you are out of gift wrap, kraft packaging paper makes a perfect wrapping paper that is simple and looks charming with a small tie or bow around it. To top off the gift wrapping trio, consider cutting gift tags from cardboard or kraft paper for the perfect finishing touch. Repurposing your moving supplies into gift boxes and gift wrap not only saves you money but is an environmentally friendly practice.

5. Use Compostables in Your Garden

When you have run out of ideas for repurposing your cardboard and kraft paper materials inside the house, you can bring them outside to repurpose them in a whole new way. These compostable materials are perfect for use in your gardens and compost bins. Cardboard is a perfect natural liner that can be used in your garden beds to reduce weeds from taking over. Lay a generous layer of cardboard down before pouring soil on top and planting your garden, it will protect from weeds until it naturally decomposes, adding nutrients to the surrounding soil.

Both cardboard and kraft paper are the perfect brown material to add to your compost pile, be sure to tear them into smaller pieces to encourage decomposition speed. You can also consider using these materials to create decomposable potting vessels to grow seedlings in before transporting them to the ground. Composting efforts will not only benefit the soil to which they are added but it helps to reduce the amount of cardboard being recycled in facilities.

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