Glass can be turned into some pretty gorgeous things, can’t it? Stained glass windows, display vases, drinking cups and probably most stunningly: alcohol bottles. Long necks or squat bases, sloping curves or hard angles, they’re eye-catching and a hugely attractive form of packaging. Here’s 6 festive examples of some of our current holiday alcohol packaging favourites.

Absolut Elyx Gift Set

Holiday Alcohol Packaging: Absolut Elyx

As one of Absolut’s even-more-exclusive product lines, Elyx is a high-quality, high-demand vodka created from very specifically sourced ingredients. Though its packaging isn’t necessarily holiday-themed (take note of its copper highlights used throughout its design), its gift sets are in highest demand during the holidays. Their copper drinking vessels are a show-stopping addition, coveted by Absolut fans the world over. In addition to a flamingo and a pineapple, one of the most sought-after vessels is the Gnome (who, with a little squinting, could pass for an elf). Going by the name Felix, he’s certainly filled with holiday cheer. 

Absolut Spark

Holiday Alcohol Packaging: Absolut Spark

Absolut’s on here twice, but this bottle justifies the double appearance. Another offering that peaks around the holidays, the Spark bottle is a stunning creation. Covered in a textured four-sided diamond pattern, the bottle speaks to its high-end nature and the ice-like, holiday-feel of it all. If that weren’t enough there’s a limited edition (50,000 bottles) with a button on the bottom that illuminates the bottle, like a one-man (one-elf? one-bottle?) snowy disco. Talk about getting lit.

SKYY Vodka Sweater

Holiday Alcohol Packaging: SKYY Vodka

The bottle-in-a-sweater thing isn’t a rarity, for sure. But using this Fair Isle-style sweater, SKYY has nailed the feeling of their branding and the holidays at the same time. And while they walk the line of ugly sweater by only the slightest of degrees, their commitment to celebrating the holidays holds nothing back. As part of the bottle’s launch in 2015, SKYY threw ugly sweater parties, “sweater bombed” trees and created large-scale knit pieces that would travel around on knit-wrapped vintage pickup trucks.

Smirnoff Peppermint Twist

Holiday Alcohol Packaging: Smirnoff Vodka

Who needs wrapping paper when the bottle looks like this? With one eye-catching design, Smirnoff has announced the holidays are here, broadcast the flavour of their vodka, and told shoppers, “No need for a gift bag!”. And get this—the bottle is SCENTED with peppermint. It’ll be tough resisting the urge to take a big bite out of this candy cane.

Pickering’s Gin Baubles

Holiday Alcohol Packaging: Pickering's Gin Baubles

Now this is getting into the Christmas spirit(s)! Pickering’s created a truly unique gift box, containing 6 coloured ornaments full of gin (which they’ve titled “gin baubles”) and a fun little tree to hang them all from. Oh, and it all comes packaged in a full colour front lock mailer. There really isn’t anything here we’re not completely digging. You could say this is one tree-mendous gift!

Pickled Santa

Holiday Alcohol Packaging: Pickled Santa

We just really love the name. And the illustration. How funny and clever is that? The bottle may be standard, but the theme and feel certainly isn’t!

Have you got any festive and attractive holiday alcohol packaging you’d like to share? Be sure to comment below, The Packaging Company would love to showcase it. Happy Holidays, everyone!