One of our favourite parts of Halloween (in addition to candy and scary movies and haunted houses, of course) is seeing all the costumes people create. And since we’re in the packaging business, we’re real suckers for costumes of the corrugated kind. All that time, creativity and effort pay off with something that’s original, clever and memorable. Since we’ve already showcased 8 DIY creations for Halloween lovers, let’s look at 6 more corrugated costumes that dial up the creativity and ingenuity.

1. Tide Box

Corrugated Costumes: Tide Box

Talk about an unexpected costume choice. It’s unique, clever and deceptively simple to create. A good size corrugated box with arm holes is all it takes to get this costume started. And though your painting and design skills will be put to the test, the foaming bubble action going on up top is a chance to really have some fun with your packaging supplies. Bubble cushion, white tissue paper or even packing peanuts will create an interesting soapy look.

2. Golden Age Captain America

Corrugated Costumes: Golden Age Captain America

This is a corrugated costume with style. Blocky, retro and with plenty of Golden Age details, it’s clear this was a labour of love by a longtime fan of Captain America and Marvel Comics. The wings on the helmet are a nice touch, but our eyes can’t stop looking at Cap’s shield. The precision and effort put into that iconic piece is impressive. The whole outfit is a great use of long boxes and cube boxes (we especially love the fists!), and we hope it entered (and won) a Halloween costume contest!


Corrugated Costumes: The TARDIS

Any Doctor Who fans in the house? Because we are, and this is just so great. It’s an intergalactic space vehicle disguised as a British police box, and the details put into this are just stunning. All that corrugated board, cut and glued and painted the iconic TARDIS blue makes us giddy. Let’s hope those doors open—we can’t wait to take a wibbly wobbly, timey wimey treat-hunting trip in this awesome corrugated creation.

4. Velociraptor

Corrugated Costumes: Velociraptor

In a list full of interesting and clever creations, this corrugated velociraptor is a standout. Not only does the polygon-like design create a unique and eye-catching aesthetic, but check out how it’s designed to be worn. A pair of black pants helps ‘hide’ the human legs and keep the focus on the big picture. Those giant googly eyes make this raptor a deceptively cute one, too, but to see that running at us? Let’s just hope we get a head start first. So awesome!

5. Iron Man

Corrugated Costumes: Iron Man

Sure, there’s already a superhero on our corrugated costumes list, but we saw this one and couldn’t resist adding him. Whereas the Captain America costume embraces boxy shapes and a classic look, this Iron Man embraces the look of the Marvel movies. The mad genius behind this outfit took it to the next level, custom cutting each piece of the suit from corrugate, shaping it and creating a faithful rendition of an iron man suit. A series of LEDs in the palms and chest add to what’s already a spectacular look.

6. Aliens Heavy Loader

Corrugated Costumes: Aliens Heavy Loader

Well now, this is just awesome. Where to start? What’s not to love? The dedication it took to create these pieces, make them look authentic, and make them wearable? Impressive. The LED lights in the roll cage and on top? Nice touch. Turning a horror movie costume into an outfit for a daddy-daughter pair? That’s amazing. Creative, hilarious, terrifying and adorable all at once—this creation pretty much takes the crown when it comes to top-shelf corrugated costumes.

It’s hard to stop at just 6 examples of corrugated costumes we love. The creativity on display is impressive, and frankly, a Halloween costume shop won’t ever really measure up for The Packaging Company again. Have you seen any corrugated costumes that stopped you in your tracks? Share yours in the comments!

Sources: Pinterest, Flickr