Competition is heavy these days, so it’s extra important for you to make a strong impression on your customers. One of the easiest ways to do that is by showing them some appreciation—and one of the most effective ways to do that is by using custom packaging inserts.

Simply put, packaging inserts are any extras or bonuses you add into your customer orders. Whether they’re big or small, they’re a surprise to customers, which makes them (and by extension, your business) instantly memorable. They take a little investment, both in time and money, but the returns on packaging inserts are huge. Add one of these finishing touches to a customer’s order and you’ll turn their unpacking efforts into a totally unforgettable unboxing experience.

Thank-You Cards

Who doesn’t like being thanked?

Having a thank-you card resting and waiting atop a customer’s purchase is a nice surprise. It’s a simple gesture—one that’ll make them feel appreciated—and one that’s simple to assemble. Your logo and brand colours, some nice wording (and maybe a few graphics), all designed and printed on a nice piece of cardstock. Keep it straightforward with a simple “Thank You!”, or if you’re really feeling the idea of personalization, you can handwrite a thank-you note!

Discount Coupons

Everyone loves a good discount.

A good sale draws customers in, and the promise of a future discount will bring them back. Thank your customers for their patronage with coupon codes. It doesn’t have to be deep, either—even 10% is enough to entice them back to your site. Just ensure the coupon is relevant to their interests by offering discounts on accessories, refills, or products they may have bought before.

Personalized Offers

Everybody likes rewards for loyalty.

While discount coupons are ideal for promoting accessories and product refills, personalized offers are meant for recognizing a customer’s overall commitment to your business. This is where you can encourage membership in loyalty programs, offer cheaper express shipping, and sell products you don’t sell to the rest of your customers. Membership cards are simple yet effective, and a great example of how you can use packaging inserts to your advantage.

Candy or Chocolate

Sweet treats are always welcomed.

Tastes and smells have a powerful sway on us, don’t they? It may be years since your grandma last cooked for you, but all it takes is one whiff of her signature dish and you’re right back to when you were a kid, sitting at the dinner table and watching her work. You can take advantage of this memory tactic and associate your business with candy, like white chocolate or blueberry jujubes. Customers will anticipate the sweet treat almost as much as whatever they’ve ordered. Just remember—chocolate and sugar don’t always travel well in certain climates.

Product Samples

Whether random or product-related, they’re always exciting.

Perhaps your customers only buy your shampoo? Send them conditioner samples. Does their sweet tooth make them stick to ordering your caramel brownies? Send them some chili-infused chocolate squares. Or do you have scores of cat-themed stickers that you can’t seem to sell off, but desperately want gone? Laugh maniacally as you drop sheets of stickers into a box headed to the house of a hardcore gamer. Customers love free stuff, and whether it’s targeted towards them or seemingly off-the-cuff, they’ll accept those strange packaging inserts with glee. You’re likely to get social media attention, too!

Gifts with Purchase

Customers love free add-ons.

These are easy. Take stock of whatever your customer is ordering and toss in a few related products. Are they buying razors? Give them some facewipes with lotion. Have they ordered a giant wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano? Add in a small cheese knife. And if they’re stocking up on dress shirts, you know they’d appreciate a few extra pairs of collar stays. Gifting some small, relatively inexpensive items to your customers can pay off considerably down the road. If they like the sample, they might buy the full-sized, full-price version. And if it doesn’t appeal to them, they’ll still order again, curious over what you’ll send them this time.


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Packaging inserts are a stellar way to showcase your business. Customers will feel like you’re paying attention, which will make them feel appreciated, which will make them return to your business in the future. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself—this process should be as fun for you as it is for your customers. Just be sure to style your packaging inserts based on their buying habits. Our team members here at The Packaging Company are suckers for a hand-written note!