When you’re making packaging choices for your business and its products, it’s easy to look at the breadth of packaging options out there and be gripped by decision paralysis. Do you go with corrugated boxes? Do you go with mailer envelopes? The choices seem endless and almost impossible to make. So, let’s take a quick but deep dive into one packaging option. If you’re an online store selling goods that are soft or sensitive in nature, here’s 6 reasons to ship your products in poly mailers.

They reduce dimensional weight shipping charges

Delivery charges can quickly eat away at any budget you have. The low profile of poly mailers means they take up less space in a delivery truck, and incur less in the way of shipping costs. In today’s world of dimensional weight shipping charges, any way you can make your shipments smaller and less expensive is a huge boon for your business.

They’re great for shipping soft goods

Items like clothing or bath towels don’t have hard surfaces that can be scuffed or buckled. They can be shipped on their own in poly mailers, resting safe in the knowledge that the stretchy and strong material will protect them from almost all tearing or puncturing damage.

They’re tear, puncture, dirt and water resistant

The high-quality polyethylene walls of poly mailers can resist a lot of stress damage, including pulling, tearing and puncturing. That same material helps to block out light, dirt and the sun.

This makes them ideal for handling oddly-shaped items, products in their own packaging (like jewelry), and softer goods like clothing. They’re also protective of moisture-phobic products or anything that can fade from sun exposure.

They’re easy to pack and seal

Unlike boxes, there’s no assembly required or tape needed for poly mailers. Their envelope format makes them quick to open and load them up with your products. Their basic structure makes them easy to roll up or fold if they’re too big for the items you’re shipping, though we do recommend you forgo doing that and find poly mailers that are correctly sized instead.

Closing them securely is simple, thanks to the peel and seal adhesive strip at the top, and some forms of poly mailers come with an easy-tear strip so customers can open them without difficulty. If you’re expecting customer returns, there are also returnable poly mailers with a second peel and seal strip—customers can securely close the mailers for a return trip without needing to use tape.

They’re easy to recycle

Once a poly mailer has done its job, it can move onto the great recycler in the sky. Sometimes, you’ll find that certain shipping labels or packing slip envelopes can’t be recycled, but that’s just a matter of cutting them off. Thankfully, our custom poly mailers on their own can go straight in the recycling bin, and if you’re using custom labels on them, they’re entirely recyclable, too.

They’re great for branding

The grey-white canvas of standard poly mailers makes them ideal for branding purposes. A custom label with your logo (or anything you like, really) is a great way to add a big splash of colour to your customer shipments. And if you’re looking to really make a show of your branded packaging, your design can be printed in full colour on our custom poly mailers. Be sure to check out our packaging design tools and see just how good your custom packaging can look.

Online shopping has made it easier than ever to buy whatever your heart desires, and it’s prompted the adoption of packaging supplies that reduce packaging waste, shipping costs and environmental impact. Poly mailers, with their strength of construction and simplicity of design, are a great choice for shipping products that benefit from any of the reasons we’ve listed above. Be sure to explore our entire line of poly mailer envelopes here at The Packaging Company.