You’ve taken the leap and you’re moving. That’s awesome. What’s slightly less awesome is now you’ve got to sort through and pack your current place up. It takes work, it takes planning, and it takes a good deal of packing supplies. Since the world of packaging is so wide and varied, it’s not always easy to know where to start. So, let’s run down the basics you’ll need for your big move. Here’s 7 packing supplies we think are absolute moving must-haves.

Moving Boxes

Moving Must-Haves: Moving Boxes

You need boxes, for sure—but you also need the right boxes. Regular moving boxes come in specific sizes so that they’re easier to stack in moving trucks or while in storage. That reduces the likelihood you’ll overpack, keeping them easier to carry around. They’re also available in dimensions specifically made for objects like televisions, tall lamps and furniture—and there’s even wardrobe boxes!

Packing Tape

Moving Must-Haves: Packing Tape

Grab yourself a bunch of packing tape rolls—sealing up boxes takes at least two strips of tape, and you’re likely to go through it quickly. Standard carton sealing tape is all you’ll really need, but you can use reinforced types if your boxes are going to be a little on the heavier side.

Tape Dispenser

Moving Must-Haves: Tape Dispenser

Get one for every person helping you pack, trust us on this. The amount of time and tape (and sanity!) saved by a tape dispenser is invaluable. Simply load up the dispenser with a roll of packing tape and go to town on those moving boxes. You’ll build them faster and seal them more securely than if you did it all by hand.

Stretch Wrap

Moving Must-Haves: Stretch Wrap

Secure any drawers or doors your furniture pieces have by binding them in stretch wrap. It’ll prevent them from sliding out or swinging open during the big day, reducing hassle and potential damage. As an extra bonus, you’ll be able to keep clothing and soft, non-fragile items inside your furniture while moving. That means less time spent packing, and who doesn’t love that?

Bubble Cushion

Moving Must-Haves: Bubble Cushion

Everyone’s favorite void fill. Wrap it around any items that are fragile, or that you don’t want touching other objects. It’s the best way to keep all your possessions from getting damaged or marred. If you know you’ll be using a fair bit of bubble cushion, consider buying a larger roll to handle demand. But if you know you’ll be using less, or want to make things a little more convenient for you, think about buying bubble cushion in dispenser boxes.

Packing Paper

Moving Must-Haves: Packing Paper

A good alternative to bubble cushion is kraft packing paper. It’s clean, smooth and separates objects from one another, making it especially good for stacking and packing away things like dishes, glasses and utensils. It doesn’t provide the same cushioning as bubble, however, so if you’re packing especially fragile items, use a mix of both packaging materials.

The Extras

Box Cutters or Scissors for cutting packing tape, bubble cushion and packing paper.
Labels & Markers for pointing out box contents and room destinations.
Corrugated Dividers for potentially fragile items like glasses, bottles and vases.
Garbage Bags for scraps, broken items or anything that can go in the trash.

Moving Soon?

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Moving can be a stressful time. But with a little planning, and a solid supply of these moving must-haves, you’ll make easier work of your next move. Good luck, and don’t forget—we’re The Packaging Company, and we’re your moving supplies partner.