7 Tips for Organizing Your Retail Stockroom to Improve Productivity

Have you heard the saying that “a clean house is a happy house?” This also goes for your retail stockroom. The benefits of having a clean and organized stockroom are tenfold.

Think increased efficiency, a positive work environment, and accurate inventory management. And of course, fewer workplace incidents. Continue reading to find out our top seven tips for organizing your retail stockroom.

1. Clean Up Your Stockroom

A cluttered stockroom can lead to lost products and wasted time searching for them. When cleaning, dispose of waste in trash liners and recycling containers. And for spills, use gloves and mop up as soon as possible to remove potential slip hazards.

2. Use Tote Bins, Boxes & Labels

Plastic tote bins are a perfect solution for organizing smaller or loose objects in your stockroom. They not only come in a variety of sizes, but they are also stackable and pre-color coded. If you’re unable to use these plastic totes, cardboard boxes work just as well for keeping things together and organized.

Once you have your stock and inventory organized, you should label everything. Creating a labelling system and clearly marking totes and boxes will help effectively communicate what inventory goes where. Ensure all employees understand what the labels mean to avoid any future confusion.

3. Invest in Inventory Management Software

Want a software program where the benefits outweigh the negatives? Investing in inventory management software will help your business by:

  • Increasing profitability
  • Minimizing inventory costs
  • Achieving efficiency and productivity
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction

4. Utilize Vertical Space

Don’t look down, look up. Most stockrooms have high ceilings, so stack your boxes high. If you haven’t already, install higher shelving and go up.

Keep heavy-duty items on the floor but move the lighter items onto shelving. You’ll notice how much floor space you have created by doing this simple step.

5. Place the Popular Items Towards the Front

There’s nothing worse than having the most popular product right at the back of the stockroom. Save time by placing your popular products at the front in a clear and accessible position. Make sure they’re clearly labelled and ensure your employees are aware of any placement changes.

6. Adjust Your Retail Stockroom Layout

For some, the layout of the stockroom is an afterthought which can lead to organizational issues in the future. If this is you and your layout does not suit your current needs, you may want to consider rearranging your stockroom.

Sketch out your ideal stockroom to optimize workflow. Consider how often you use your stockroom, where to place larger versus smaller items, and what your organization system should be.

7. Provide Quality Lighting

Invest in high-quality lighting to not only make it safe for your employees to work in, but to make it easier to not lose items tucked away in the back.

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