Halloween’s one of our favourite times of the year. We love watching scary movies and eating way too much candy (you too, huh?). But you know what we love the absolute most? The costumes, especially the DIY cardboard costumes. It makes sense, really, since we love packaging so much. Here’s 8 of our favourite cardboard costumes for our fellow Halloween lovers!

1. Boxasaurus

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Boxasaurus

It’s the dreaded Boxasaurus, feared by all in the land of the Papersaurs. His shoebox jaws are full of sharp corrugated teeth, but don’t let his boxy body fool you—he runs super-fast when Halloween candy is in sight. If you’re looking to make your own Boxasaurus, make sure you’ve got a box big enough to fit its wearer, two shoeboxes for the head, and lots of extra cardboard or corrugate pieces for the teeth and spines. Raaawwrsome!

Source: Pinterest

2. Cardboard Cowboy

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Cardboard Cowboy

Well hey there, little pardner! Every kid loves to be the hero, going from door to door and rescuing all that delicious candy. If your little cardboard cowboy or cowgirl’s looking for their very own cardboard horse, find a box big enough for them to fit through, two similarly-sized boxes for the neck and head, and some way to hang their new friend from their shoulders (we like classic suspenders). Giddy up!

Source: Made for Mums

3. Steve from Minecraft

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Steve from Minecraft

If you’re looking to keep the Creepers at bay, you’re a prime candidate for becoming Steve from Minecraft. A long box is best for fitting the wearer’s torso, two tall-style boxes are great for arms, and a big cube-shaped box makes the ideal head. Don’t forget the eye holes, and openings for hands—that corrugated axe (double-wall corrugate’s perfect!) and that candy bag aren’t going to hold themselves!

Source: Pinterest

4. Corrugated Samurai

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Corrugated Samurai

Strike awe into the hearts of other candy-goers as a legendary corrugated samurai. Single-face corrugate is easy to cut, wraps perfectly around your little warrior, and looks just like textured plates. Don’t forget to decorate and accent all your wartime armour for maximum effect.

Source: Instructables

5. Boximus Prime

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Boximus Prime

There’s plenty to meet the eye when you’re fighting the Decepticontainers for control of all that Halloween candy. You’ll need plenty of corrugated boxes, cardboard and chipboard pads, and total commitment to turning into the leader of the Autoboxes. (Corrugated) Roll Out!

Source: Instructables

6. Cardboard-ella

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Cardboard-ella

You’ll be the belle of the cardboard ball with this outfit, hands down. We hope you like layers, because that’s what you’ll need to build this wide hoop skirt. Lots of layers and rolls of cardboard (we suggest single-face corrugated rolls, with the liner side up), secured and decorated with any interesting materials you like. Talk about making an entrance!

Source: Pinterest

7. Hot Air Balloon

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Hot Air Balloon

Going Up? Take an envy-inducing, one-person ride around the neighbourhood, sampling the finest Halloween candy all the jealous on-lookers have to offer. A solid corrugated box (with the flaps pushed inside for extra stability) makes for a great hot air balloon basket, with single-face corrugate wrapping perfectly around the top. Use pool noodles for a comfy, colourful hand railing, and don’t forget the balloons—lots and lots of balloons. Hang on tight, DIY costume lover!

Source: Pinterest

8. Box o’ Fries

DIY Cardboard Costumes: Box o' Fries

It might not strike fear into the hearts of fellow candy-hunters, but it’ll sure make their stomachs growl. If there’s something we love beyond packaging and Halloween costumes, it’s food—and this guy’s got all three. To make the box, dismantle a large corrugated box, or use corrugated pads. Trace, cut and glue. Then use pool noodles as those delicious, delicious fries. We’re definitely lovin’ it!

Source: Pinterest

There’s so much creativity out there that this list could go on forever—and it very nearly did! Do you have any Halloween cardboard costumes that you really love? Share yours in the comments or tag us on social media!

Oh! Before we forget – here’s one more for pet costume lovers:

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