Sure, they’re for play and exercise in the water. But pool noodles can be used for WAY more than just swimming.

Here’s 8 pool noodle uses that we think are seriously creative.

1. Stay Cool with Pool Noodle Beverage Barges

pool noodle uses
via WikiHow

Who has time to jump out for a cool drink when you’re lounging away? Keep drinks (and snacks!) close-by with an easy-to-make beverage barge!


2. Celebrate the Holiday Season with Pool Noodle Candy Canes

pool noodle uses
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Your lawn will never look as good as when it’s covered in a forest of candy canes. We’ve also seen pool noodle lollipops, horses, trees and more!


3. Deck the Halls with Pool Noodle Wreaths

pool noodle uses
via Grosgrain

It takes a crafty genius to turn a pool noodle into a Christmas wreath. Any other time of the year has potential too—spooky wreaths for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, even bunnies and eggs for Easter!


4. Organize Closets & Rooms with Pool Noodle Quilt Rolls

pool noodle uses
via lakeonestitchery

Tired of folding blankets and sheets? We don’t like creases and wrinkles either. Wrap quilts, blankets, sheets and more around pool noodles, and enjoy having the best-looking linen closet on the block!


5. Light Up Tables with Pool Noodle Centerpieces

pool noodle uses
via The Gahan Girls

Skip the cornucopia and the flower arrangements. Group together pool noodle segments, drop in battery-powered lights, and you’ve got a seriously colorful tabletop conversation starter!


6. Celebrate Summer with Pool Noodle Popsicle Postcards & Invites

pool noodle uses
via sheknows

Who could ignore a party invite that looks like this? Talk about the highest RSVP rates ever—and the most memorable photo props you’ve ever seen!


7. Feel the Force with Pool Noodle Lightnoodles

pool noodle uses
via Fussy Ninja

Take pool noodle battles to the next level with these ingenious lightnoodles. No matter what side you’re on, a seriously fun time’s guaranteed!


8. Summer is Coming with this Pool Noodle Throne

pool noodle uses
via Imgur

Enjoy the best seat in the backyard with this crafty invention. Fight for your House’s honor and claim your right to the Iron Foam!


Feeling inspired yet? We certainly are! The Packaging Company’s ready to help you discover the next batch of brilliant pool noodle uses!


pool noodle uses