Thanks to e-commerce sites like Etsy, it’s never been easier to sell your own products online. Setting up a store, listing your items, and making sales are now only clicks away—but that also means the responsibility for packing up your products falls square on you. To make that task a little easier, The Packaging Company has put together a tips-filled guide on packaging for Etsy. In no time, your products will be on their way in safety and style.

Know Your Product

This one’s easy. No one knows your products better than you. Decide what support and protection they’ll need and plan your packaging accordingly. You’ll save time on packing it all up, avoid damage during shipping, and save money by not buying supplies that you don’t need.

Gather Your Chosen Supplies

Boxes are the go-to shipping container of choice. Buying in bulk is a smart idea, as you’ll keep your costs down overall, and lower the risk of running out during a big selling period. If your products tend to come in different sizes, consider buying multi-depth boxes. You’ll accommodate everything you sell and minimize your shipping charges.

Custom Tip: Use custom boxes to really make shipments your own!

E-Commerce Boxes are ideal if you’re looking to make the unboxing experience a priority. As a shipping container and display box in one, you’ll wow your customers.

A Digital Kitchen Scale will help you properly weigh your shipments, and a Measuring Tape will tell you their exact sizes. Both sets of numbers are important in determining your dimensional weight shipping charges. Plus, each item takes up minimal space, leaving you valuable room for packing up those customer orders.

Bubble Cushion will be your go-to wrapping material and void fill of choice. It’s you best option for protecting items (especially fragile ones) from damage, plus it’s just plain fun for your customers to pop. If you’re packing numerous orders at once, using a dispenser box will save you some time. Its roll of bubble is perforated every 12” for tear-and-use action.

Custom Tip: Use Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions Dispenser Boxes to get your customers talking!

Packing Paper or Tissue Paper is also a solid choice for wrapping up your products, especially if they’re not easily damaged. Your packaging will look great, adding a surprising element of unwrapping and unboxing to your shipments. Your customers will smile and take note. Trust us.

Custom Tip: Use custom tissue with your colours or logo to brand your shipments!

Mailers are a spectacular choice for shipping out small or flat products. You’ll spend less time packing and less money on shipping. There’s lots of options out there, so choose the one that suits your products the best.

Kraft Bubble Mailers are yet another of your go-to options, proving ample protection for shipping out almost anything that will fit inside them.

Poly Bubble Mailers are made of tear- and water-resistant polyethylene, adding extra security for valuable or moisture-sensitive shipments like books or jewelry.

Courier Bags, also made of polyethylene, are great for clothing and items in need of security.

Chipboard Mailers provide stability and protection for any flat paper-based items.

Glamour Mailers are great for branding and will catch the eye of everyone who sees them.

Copy Paper for invoices, Packing List Envelopes for customs purposes, and full-page or half-page Shipping Labels for printing.

Packing Tape and a Tape Dispenser for sealing everything up. Don’t skimp out!

Custom Tip: Use custom packing tape to build up your customer’s anticipation!

Scissors, markers and any finishing touches you want for your packaging.

Make a Dedicated Packing Space

A long or wide table is ideal for having enough room to wrap up your orders. If possible, an area or space to store your packaging supplies will benefit you greatly, too. This way, you’ll keep your working space and supplies in one area, saving you time and hassle during the packing process.

Choose the Right Container

Not every shipment needs a box. If you can use a bubble mailer, you should. You’ll save time, energy and money by reducing the packaging your shipments use.

Make it Look Good

While they’re always great ideas, you don’t have to go all out with custom boxes or tissue paper if you don’t want to. But making sure your boxes are clean, undamaged, packaged properly and labelled right will go a long way to making a good impression with your customer.

Include a Little Something

Never underestimate the power of a personalized note, a piece of candy, or a bonus gift like a coupon. At the very least, a business card and a thank you card should be included in every order. Your customers will take notice.

Seal Up & Label the Outside

Don’t skimp on the tape here. You want your shipment sealed up tight, with no chance of it opening during transit. Packing tape will do the job, no problem—but don’t be afraid to try coloured tape for some extra pop. Don’t forget to double check the address when you write it down, and include an invoice in a packing slip envelope. If you’re shipping out of the country, it’ll help avoid problems during your shipment’s time in customs.

Track Your Packages

Just in case, confirm all shipping info and tracking numbers with your customer. This way both of you will know where everything is—keeping stress and worry out of the shipping process.

Be Prepared for Shipping Accidents

Even with all the hard work you’ve put in, sometimes accidents happen during delivery. You’ll need to have your customer service skills ready to deal with whatever happens. How your customer reacts, and whether they’ll buy from you again, rests on how well you handle any hiccups.

Once your products are listed and your store’s ready to go, you’ll be in great shape with your packaging for Etsy and shipping out all those orders that come flooding in. For all your Etsy store’s packaging needs, we’re The Packaging Company, and we’re your e-commerce partner. Happy selling!